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I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 5 years ago and have since been controlling it with a strict, limited diet and supplements. I am an avid runner, scatdog trainer/handler and wildlife ecologist by profession. I have a PHD in Biology.

Gelatin and DL-Phenylalanine – healing the gut and feeling dope!!

About 5 months ago I had another break through. I had been half-heartedly drinking broth because of the whole GAPS diet thing because it’s supposed to heal your gut. I’ve been buying turkey necks/wings and making soup but only drank … Continue reading

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Update! Food allergies, autoimmune disease, parasites and the orthomolecular approach

Well, since my last post, I did on my health, “Food allergies and autoimmune thyroid disease” I’ve gone through many health changes.  I adopted the Paleo diet, avoided foods with lectins by following the Blood-type diet, I’ve cut down on … Continue reading

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A long distance motorcycle trip with the Paleo diet, blood type diet and food allergies

So, how did I stick to all these food restrictions on the road for 3 weeks?  I didn’t – it’s fucking IMPOSSIBLE…but I came damn close!  Actually, it’s the best I’ve done on a motorcycle trip thus far so I … Continue reading

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Food Allergies and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

The purpose of this post is to help others draw a possible connection between food allergies and autoimmune diseases. After being diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), I researched possible causes and food allergies kept coming up, gluten in particular. … Continue reading

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