Gelatin and DL-Phenylalanine – healing the gut and feeling dope!!

About 5 months ago I had another break through. I had been half-heartedly drinking broth because of the whole GAPS diet thing because it’s supposed to heal your gut. I’ve been buying turkey necks/wings and making soup but only drank it a few times and not much at each sitting. Last spring, however, I went to fairway after they just restocked or something because they had tons of fresh turkey parts, which are sometimes hard to find. I made an enormous pot of soup but ran out of containers to freeze it in so there it lay in the fridge. I vowed not to waste it so I downed about a quart twice a day for 5 days. I didn’t notice much of a change until I got a little stressed and decided to eat a bag of K-toos (allergy free cookies) and nothing happened. I mean, usually I get a little bloated and feel like shit, but my reaction was so slight it was ridiculous.

I read journal articles about the protective effects of glycine and proline, the main amino acids in gelatin, that protect and help the cells of the small intestine heal from everything like viral induced diarrhea to radiation (the things they do to test animals). I’ve been making broth a couple times a month since then and now take a glycine/glutamine mixture every morning in addition to my vitamins. I’ve noticed a definite difference and now regularly eat starch, usually corn, (in small doses) and sugar without worrying that it will destroy me.

A couple of months after starting I noticed that my acne pretty much disappeared. I have had acne my entire life and would especially break out before and during my period. It’s gone. Yes, I get the occasional pimple, but even after eating straight chocolate I don’t breakout the way I used to. Very strange. Also, for 2 months now I’ve been on a 28 day cycle which never happens to me – could be a total coincidence, but I’m usually 23 to 34 days.

I also added DL-Phenylalanine to deal with dopamine deficiency and discovered something very interesting. Having too much is just as bad as not having enough. The standard dose is 500mg and when I first took a dose I felt great then it stopped working after a couple of days and I started to get anxious. I took it every other day and saw some improvement. Then I ordered the powdered form (from and took about 20-50mg per day depending on how I felt and didn’t take it at all during my period or a day or two after and low and behold—IT WORKED! It calms me down, reduces anxiety, jacks up my sex drive and replenishes my dopamine reserves after dosing on caffeine to get work done. It’s too bad because I suggested it to some people and they said the same thing…it worked for a couple of days, then no more. I tried to explain the dosing thing but I’m sure they just gave up… Anyway, I highly recommend it if you know you’re dopamine deficient. Before I realized that I was I experimented with things that jack up serotonin (SAM-E, ginseng) and started to get muscle twitches and panic attacks with tiny doses, so listen to your body…or see an orthomolecular doctor to find out what you’re deficient in.


About scatdog

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 5 years ago and have since been controlling it with a strict, limited diet and supplements. I am an avid runner, scatdog trainer/handler and wildlife ecologist by profession. I have a PHD in Biology.
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2 Responses to Gelatin and DL-Phenylalanine – healing the gut and feeling dope!!

  1. Penny Talhelm says:

    I’ve made my own bone broth and have also felt great on it. It does seem to help my stomach pain.

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