Food Allergies and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

The purpose of this post is to help others draw a possible connection between food allergies and autoimmune diseases. After being diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), I researched possible causes and food allergies kept coming up, gluten in particular. I searched and searched for a solid causal link between food allergies and hypothyroidism but all the research studies were correlative and no one could relate one personal story (that I found) of a definitive connection. The proof that I was looking for was a substantial lowering of the thyroid antibodies, thyroid peroxidase and anti-thyroglobulin, in response to eliminating certain foods from the diet. So, I performed my own little study…on myself.

I first eliminated gluten, then milk, then all grains. I read the book on the specific carbohydrate diet by Elaine Gottschall, designed to help people with Crohn’s disease and gave that a try (minus the yogurt). After reading a bunch of articles by Loren Cordain, I purchased the “Paleo Diet for Athletes” (I run) and decided that made a bit more sense for me in the long term. The paleo diet basically consists of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and eggs. Mind you, this is without knowing what the hell was really wrong with me. I didn’t have a lot of the severe GI problems that others complain about but there were signs that something was wrong besides developing Hashimoto’s disease. For one, I could never wear women’s jeans. I’m petite, (5’3”, 108 lbs) and have always been athletic, but if my jeans fit well around my legs, they were always too tight around my waist – so I started wearing boys jeans which I figured fit with my tom-boy persona anyway. What I didn’t realize was that I was bloated – all the time, for as long as I could remember. Not knowing this made it difficult to distinguish exactly what foods were making me ‘sick’.

After 6 months on the paleo diet, without consuming grains, dairy, legumes, soy, starch and refined sugar, both of my thyroid antibodies went down 60% and my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels dropped to the lowest level (2.06) they had ever been in the 2 years that I had been getting blood tests. I had also just tested ‘positive’ for rheumatism 6 months earlier and after the diet changes, the test returned to ‘negative’. I also deflated – the bloating subsided and I developed a very lean, muscular build. I had way more energy, did not get sick once and my running even improved (injury free).

These results gave me a great deal of confidence and convinced me that I was, indeed, healing. I proudly reported these results to my friends and family who by now thought I was slightly insane for making the drastic diet changes that I did. My elation didn’t last though. On the subsequent blood test, after I returned from a 2.5 week long motorcycle trip, my levels went back up slightly despite sticking to my diet. I was once again bloated up like a pig. I presented my situation to a gastroenterologist and requested some tests, but he was skeptical that any of my symptoms were related to food. After everything indicated that I was in perfect health, I started to think I was going crazy. At the suggestion of a friend, I saw a clinical nutritionist (and fucking brilliant man), Dr. Robert Pastore, who requested a panel of both IGE and IgG4 blood tests to identify food allergies. Having an IGG/IGA panel done by Quest Diagnostics a year earlier and everything coming up negative I was skeptical that it would work, but he assured me that this lab (Metametrix) was different.

It took 6 weeks to get an appointment for the blood test with Dr. Pastore, so I decided to flood my body with any possible allergen to give the blood tests the best chance of working. Pizza, ice cream, bagels, soy burgers, bean burritos and lots of chocolate cake – I enjoyed eating it but started to feel horrible after about a week. I developed keratosis, hot flashes at night (I’m 39), canker sores all over my mouth, gas all the time, acne and had fits of depression. I had developed Raynaud’s condition about a year before this, but it got worse over the course of the month of binging – it spread in my hands and started to show up in my feet. Still, I forced that last bagel down my throat the morning of the blood test. I was thrilled when it was over.

For the next 3 weeks as I awaited my test results I went back on the paleo diet, and started to experience severe withdrawal symptoms – cravings, brain fog, mood swings from hell and so much bloating. Upon walking into Dr. Pastore’s office for my results he said, “Well, the good news is that you are going to feel a whole lot better after this…” then he hands me blood test results that I could not believe. It turns out I’m allergic to practically everything – wheat, soy, casein (milk), all grains except corn, eggs, coffee, almonds, beans, mustard…even ginger…and the list goes on. The paleo diet was the way to go for me, but I never excluded everything. Especially on the road, I was pounding eggs, coffee and slathering mustard on everything! At home I was having herbal teas laced with ginger all the time. I occasionally splurged with gluten-free cookies made with rice flour and other grains – all of which I’m allergic to. I was never completely allergen-free.

That brings me to the present – as of today I am completely allergen free for 8 days. I’m experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms now, like I never thought possible. To the list above, add diarrhea every morning and occasionally at night and during the day. As my poor husband will attest, ‘mood swings’ is beyond an understatement – I’m an absolute bitch. I am lethargic. I feel like there are lead weights all over my body. I can actually feel the gravitational pull of the earth sucking me into comfortable furniture and keeping me there despite thirst, an exploding bladder and the whines of a play-obsessed puppy. When I succumb to guilt and/or pain and do get up, I get a head rush, my body feels weak and I often forget why I got up. My memory is very short, concentration is fleeting and I feel like I am just taking up space much of the time. Naps do not help. I am sensitive to light on some mornings and am nauseous often. Oh, did I mention that I am trying to finish my PhD?

So, have I proven that there is a connection between food allergies and autoimmune thyroid disease? Perhaps not, but I am convinced – so is my doctor (Robert Pastore). I will likely get my TSH and antibody levels checked once more in about 2 years when my gut is completely healed, but it is no longer a concern of mine. I read extensively on autoimmune diseases and food allergies for almost a year and am now convinced that food was the cause of my medical problems. Based on all I read, I also believe that food allergies are pervasive, perhaps reaching epidemic proportions, and are likely responsible for many other ‘ailments’ plaguing our society including obesity, depression, some types of autism and even some mental disorders. Just like I eventually developed multiple autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s, rheumatism, and Raynaud’s condition), many people who have one autoimmune disease will likely develop others if they don’t eliminate the culprit from their diet or from their environment. Also, certain autoimmune diseases like those affecting the thyroid or joints are not hereditary as some doctors would like to have you believe. Instead, it is the propensity for an autoimmune response to manifest in the damage to a particular tissue or organ (like the thyroid) that is hereditary. Food (or other environmental factor) is the cause, not who you’re related to.

It all comes down to cause and effect…and the focus is more often than not on the wrong one. So much effort is put into treating symptoms and not enough on figuring out the causes. If you search the hard literature the research is being done to try to identify the causes for autoimmune disorders, but very little is passed down from doctor to patient. I tried talking to my endocrinologist about some studies looking at the prevalence of gluten and casein allergies amongst patients with hypothyroidism (peer-reviewed from popular journals) and he had no clue what I was talking about (but he was a moron, see next paragraph). There is an entire book out on how “to deal” with hypothyroidism with only one paragraph on the connection with gluten (or any food allergy) – pages and pages of information on what prescription medications to take to alleviate symptoms though. It seems like there is a hell of a lot of attention on feeling good and not enough on actually being healthy.

A short note on my experiences with my endocrinologist. He tried to convince me that my problems had nothing to do with food and said I would just have to watch my levels and wait until I had to go on Synthroid because nothing else could be done for my condition. He ignored most of the results of my blood work and was only concerned with how I felt. As if I had some terminal condition and all that could be done was to keep me comfortable till the inevitable. He was just itching to write me a Synthroid prescription and kept offering to put me on anti-depressants to cheer me up (depression was a symptom of my food allergies). I refused. Towards the end, he was ordering over $4,000 (per session) in useless lab tests – not sure how venereal diseases relate to my thyroid – undoubtedly to make some extra money off the insurance company. I kept going to him for the sole purpose of using him to monitor my TSH and antibody levels and give me printouts of the results so I could figure out what was wrong with me. He was useless – completely useless. I had to argue with him to redo my antibody tests 6 months into the new diet because he didn’t see the point since autoimmune diseases are progressive. He was surprised when they went down, but passed it off as a fluke. What a fucking moron. By the way, he is a popular doctor with many patients in Manhattan – if you want to know his name, please let me know and I’ll send it to you privately.

I have relatives and friends that are suffering with autoimmune diseases – an aunt with Sjogren’s disease, a mother-in-law with rheumatoid arthritis and friends with Hashimoto’s. I have tried to share what I’ve learned along the way with them, but when I mentioned giving up certain foods they listened…but from a distance. I’m not sure any of them would be willing to experiment with removing foods from their diet or get blood work done. I suppose when I get my final blood test results indicating no autoimmune disease at all, they might take all my rants more seriously, but I am skeptical. I feel helpless watching the people I love suffer when there could be an easy solution.

Please take my advice and do not give up, especially if a doctor claims nothing can be done for your condition. Doctors do not know everything and I think many stopped reading after med school. So that means you have to read – research studies, books, blogs, other people’s experiences, until you get the answer or at least some resolution. I implore anyone who reads this and suffers from an autoimmune disease to try this approach and consider the foods you eat as a possible cause of your health problems. Good luck!


About scatdog

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 5 years ago and have since been controlling it with a strict, limited diet and supplements. I am an avid runner, scatdog trainer/handler and wildlife ecologist by profession. I have a PHD in Biology.
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132 Responses to Food Allergies and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

  1. MAD says:

    nice job. let’s hope it works out

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Scatdog! I was wondering how your tests came out and how your feeling now? I have an overactive thyroid and my Dr. is telling me Its due to Hashimoto’s. I know Hashi’s is usually means hypothyroid but thats what he says. I do have elevated antibodies but he says its hashi and not graves. Do you think food allergies can be causing this from your experience? I really wana try the diet your doing to see if it helps my symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, heat intolerance, excessive sweating, and anxiety. I’m tired of feeling this way any advice will help. Thanks!

  3. scatdog says:

    Well, I haven’t had any more blood tests yet but I feel a lot better. It took over 3 months for all the bloating to go away and to get all my energy back from the time that I cut out everything I was supposed to. I started incorporating foods that I’m not allergic to but are forbidden on the “Special Carbohydrate Diet” like chocolate, popcorn and sweet potatoes and started to feel like crap again. I’ve since given them up (life sucks without chocolate!!) and feel so much better…so I think that’s the way to go at least until my gut fully heals (2+ years supposedly). The SCD website and book explains why those foods need to be avoided. With respect to your situation, I know that with Hashimoto’s, the thyroid can be overactive for a period of time before it starts to shut down, so what he’s saying is possible. I don’t know how you can tell the difference between the two though. I, too, have heat intolerance – it’s like I come alive as soon as the temperature drops below 70F. I hope you try the diet (SCD) or at least cut out some key allergens (wheat, soy, milk) – it can’t hurt. Just remember that it doesn’t work too well if you cheat on it. If you have celiac’s for example, one piece of bread can set you back for up to a week – takes a long time for the wall of your gut to repair itself. Good luck!

    • Christine Potthast says:

      Maybe, this personal story would be interesting for you:

      Christine Potthast

    • tracey we says:

      hi! i think what you have done is great, i have a 5 year old boy & from 9months old has had allergies to dairy, egg, wheat, gluten, soy, white fish, dogs, grass pollon, peas & corn. i had to battle with doctors & still will not do tests to see what other allergies he has & now this week during the school holidays whaen he should be having fun like other 5 year olds, he is ill on the sofa & has developed a swollen thyroid & im waiting to see paediatric endocrinology. the only way i found out about his food allergies was to use a method of illimination then saw a specialist (if thats what they call themselves) and told them what id done & think he allergic to this, this & this and they confirmed by doing skin prick test but nothing since.

  4. scatdog says:

    Thanks – that is really a great interview. I wish more people would listen to it. Probably the most interesting point is that the initial cause of some of the food sensitivities is leaky gut syndrome – which may have been caused by something else entirely. I still wasn’t feeling great, so finally saw a tropical parasitologist and got a sigmoidoscopy and blood work done. Turns out, I have Giardia and T. trichiura (whip worm). These infections may have caused systemic yeast or bacterial infections which the doctor will test for next week. I’m hoping one of these was the initial trigger for the food allergies and subsequent storm of other autoimmune problems.

  5. EMBL says:

    I liked reading your article. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism almost a year ago at the age of 25 6 months after I had my first child. I’ve been researching tons about hypothyroidism. I developed eczema at the same time I started getting my hypothyroidism symptoms. A naturopath doctor I went to was sure it was from something I was eating but I was having a hard time finding out what.
    My eczema has gotten a lot better but I still get it sometimes. I think lemons are one of the foods that trigger it.
    I went to a NAET practitioner. They test you for food allergies/sensitivities and treat you. Yes treat you! You can go to the website to learn more about it and find a practitioner close to you. I haven’t finished all my treatments because I don’t have money to right now but I’m hopeful that after I get all my treatments done my hypothyroidism will get better or possibly even go away all together. After my first treatment for protein my eczema broke out bad (a detox reaction) but has been better ever since. Not just that but even after I was on synthroid medication for months my energy had gotten better but was not back to normal. I still couldn’t run like I used to. After my first treatment I am able to run again.
    Just wanted to quickly mention this.Although we can avoid all the foods that we are sensitive too sometimes this can be very difficult and I think it’s better to treat it if we can. If you would like more information e-mail me.

  6. shiho says:

    I’m going through the same darn thing. I recently found out I was allergic to wheat (totally random) and several different fruits, msg and more…. I got results of my blood tests a few days ago which said my thyroid is abnormal. I’m guessing this has something to do with my new allergies. I’m a HUGE foodies so this is really affecting my life. Thank you, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one dealing with this crazy stuff!

  7. Cindy Hamlin says:

    Hi, I just googled “{Thyroid disorders and food allergies”{ for ha ha’s. I have normal thyroid but very high thyroid peroxidase antibodies, I am currently going to an antiaging physician who is concerned about the antibodies and wants to look into heavy metal detoxification and food allergies, and gluten intolerance. I'[m thinking that I have some type of food allergy. I found your article very interesting. Tell me about the paleo diet and what diet you ended up going on. I just ate some chicken chili with cheddar cheese. I feel like my heart is going to bound out of my chest and I feel so weak. This is not good since I have to go to work in a few minutes. I am a registered nurse on a busy labor and delivery unit in connecticut, I need all the energy I can get and right now i have none!!!!

    Please any leads you can give me!

    • scatdog says:

      What diet did I end up on? Good question – seems like it changes with every new article or book I read! I was on the Paleo diet, which for me was basically all types of meat, almost all vegetables, some fruits and nuts (minus the ones I’m allergic to), 85-100% chocolate and coconut ice cream to keep my sanity. I got blood work done and my liver was unhappy (ALT was high), cholesterol was 225 and my thyroid enzymes were still high. Since then I read Peter D’Adamo’s books (“eat right for your type”, etc) and have cut out additional foods that are nasty lectins for my blood type (A) like beef, coconut, tomatoes, oranges, mango, cabbage, etc. I had a blood test after a month on the more restricted diet and my liver enzymes returned to normal and my cholesterol dropped to 190 – they didn’t redo my thyroid enzymes. My skin finally completely cleared up and I bloated up even less than before. I’ve been on this diet for a few months now and my running has improved dramatically – was never able to run sub 8:00 miles until now…and I’m 40!! I’m planning to run the NYC marathon again in 2013. I’ve tried eating refined sugar or starch but I always bloat up- its like I have a Candida infestation just waiting to flair up. So my diet is a very restricted Paleo diet (with no allergens, lectins) but I find that if I eat enough fat (skin on chicken, olive oil or ghee on veggies, tahini, nuts) my cravings for sugar and starch are pretty much non-existent. For running I ‘carb-load’ with parsnips, rutabaga, turnips and carrots. I now avoid all fruit except berries – Goji berries make me feel great for some reason. I also take A LOT of vitamins and minerals – especially magnesium >1000 mg/day and B6 – as well as digestive enzymes and probiotics. They all help. Eating out is a bitch, but looking at menus and calling ahead with questions makes it easier. BBQ is usually a safe bet! It sounds pretty horrible but it isn’t, just a change in lifestyle. You get used to it.

      Any updates with your situation?

  8. Leanne says:

    Im amazed theres so many of us all experiencing the same thing but they cant make a connection!? I’ve developed several allergies recently to foods ive always eaten. The lack of energy you have discribed could have come straight from my own mouth. I feel exactly the same. Even with the thyroid replacement i still dont have the energy to continue with my day to day live sometimes. I also have had my thyroids discribed as “abnormal” after my utrasound. My doctors very relaxed opinion on it was ” Leave it 6 months and see if anything changes” I’m a little concerned about leaving anything discribed “abnormal” for 6 months without further investigation. My hair is also falling out, which im horrified about! What are your thoughts?

    • scatdog says:

      I really feel for you. My thyroid was deemed “abnormal” also after an ultrasound – “heterogeneous” was a term in there, I don’t remember. Around that time my antibody levels (anti-thyroglobulin and anti-thyroid peroxidase) were fluctuating but still high. My hair was also falling out. I tried evening primrose oil, but nothing really helped until I changed my diet. Personally, I wouldn’t go on any medication until you try everything else – finding out what (if anything) you are allergic too, taking vitamin and mineral supplements (long term), doing everything you can to reduce stress in your life (herbs help) and doing an over-the-counter parasite cleanse (usually last 2 weeks). Sounds like a lot, but taking medication shuts down your thyroid gland entirely so that it may never function normally in the future without medication – life time commitment. I still have periods with crazy low energy and complete brain fog. I got desperate recently and saw a psychiatrist and got a prescription for adderall just to jolt my system so I could focus and work. I’ve always had problems focusing and recently found a few homeopathic websites that link food allergies, candida, leaky gut syndrome and thyroid problems to ADD. The adderall helped a lot, but it made my gut bloat up something fierce and the crash sucked! Soooo, I read, and read and read and made my own energy drink to focus and jack up my dopamine levels (L-tyrosine, DL-Phenylalanine (dopamine precursors), Piracetam, Choline, Taurine (brain function), sea salt, potassium chloride (electrolytes), L-glutamine (heal the gut), lemon juice and stevia (makes it yummy). I haven’t touched the adderall in almost a week and I have no problems staying awake all day. If I have too much late in the day, I have trouble sleeping and some temporary muscle twitching – same as adderall, but no bloat or crash. I’m still adjusting how much to take. Good luck and hope “abnormal” turns out to be nothing major.

  9. Ben says:

    Wow… Thank you for creating this website. I guess I’m not crazy after all. =) Your experience sounds exactly like mine so i wanted to mention some things that have helped me over the last 5 years. I was just recently diagnosed with hashimotos hypothyroidism after 5 years of food allergies, pain and low energy etc…. I’m 33/Male. Personally I think I’ve had this much longer but only recently was I able to get a diagnosis. GP’s think the current diagnostic TSH range is accurate, IT’S NOT! Anything over 2 should be flagged hypothyroid. I’ll just mention some things that have helped me and some things I’m going to try going forward. A few years ago I figured out my food allergies/sensitivities with a lab/company I read about if Florida. They do typical testing but also tell you what food impact you the most not just what foods you’re allergic to. Sort of a scale of 1-10. (Very helpful) and they also give you a full diet plan of what you can eat. My food sensitivities are almost identical to yours. Also, I tried everything (supplements, meds, acupuncture) to cut down my food allergy symptoms but with no luck until I read an obscure article about “Buffered Vitamin C Powder” … It’s cheap and easy to drink before you eat. Doesn’t taste bad and mixes with everything. And best of all, it stops almost all of my food allergy symptoms. Only time it doesn’t is if i eat a ton of something thats bad for me.(maybe I need to drink more) But I don’t think it’s a good answer if you’re trying to heal your gut and the cause of the immune reaction. In that case I’d still stick with the Paleo diet and continue to eliminate the bad foods and all grains. But the Vitamin C w/ magnesium definitely helps.

    I’ve done the Paleo diet in the past and that has helped me tremendously with energy and allergies and all the screwy symptoms that come along with my screwy physiology. I’m going to stick to this very hard in the coming months as I’m going to be attempting an interesting protocol I heard about that seems to make the most sense out of everything I’ve read. (Taking Iodine right off the bat for Hypothyroidism can be Dangerous!) You’ll definitely want to check this guy out and watch all his videos. 14 in total. Take notes = )

    I don’t want to be stuck on synthetic thyroid hormones forever and this seems like a practical and sensible program worth trying to reverse Hashimoto’s.

    Another thing I’ve done in the past that has almost instant results in fatigue, joint pain, acne, brain fog, and poor sleep and anxiety, depression, constipation, etc. has been intermittent fasting or juice fasting. This almost seems to reset my body and let it relax and heal itself. But then I fall off my non allergy food diet and I’m right back where I started. I’ll often start with juice fasting for a couple days then switch to just water for a day then back to juice so a total of 4 days. You can take it to whatever extreme (20 days) if you want but 4 days is about all I’ve been able to do with my job. You’ll only really be tired when you do just the water fasting but the results are pretty amazing. You just need to stick with the paleo and/or non allergy food after you end the fast. (Not easy) But it definitely clears all my symptoms and my energy and always feels like it resets me if that makes any sense. It sounds a little new age/wacky but after trying it I think it works. Check out this site and read the testimonials.
    Like I said you can take this to the extreme and some of it sounds like BS, but with my experience it definitely helped me and that is only with a 4 day juice fast. I’d like to try longer but it’s hard with my schedule. I hope something I wrote here can help someone. It’s taken me about 15 years to get to this point of understanding myself, so maybe this can save someone some their time and sanity.


    • scatdog says:

      Thank you so much for all this information. I will give the fasting a shot. Like you, it would be difficult to do more than a few days but I could definitely use a “reset” occasionally. I’ve been taking “digest gold” before each meal and add “gluten-ease” before I eat at restaurants but I really don’t think they do anything. I actually take buffered C in tablet form (Ester C) about 3 times a day but never coordinated with my meals – gonna give that a try. What brand of buffered Vitamin C powder works for you? I didn’t see a link for a product on that website. As for the Hashimoto’s, I have not gone out of my way to learn more about it recently because I see it as a “symptom” and I assume that eating properly, healing my gut and adrenals and balancing my nutrient intake is the way to address the “cause”. Part of me is still not convinced I’ve found the cause yet. I’m getting tested for Pyroluria once the kit arrives and seeing an ortho-molecular (homeopathic) doctor to help balance my nutrient (vitamin and mineral) intake regardless of the results. I do need to be tested for food allergies again because I want to see if any of my sensitivities changed (IgG4) – thanks for the link.

      • Ben says:

        For buffered vitamin C powder I use “NutriCology Buffered Vitamin C Powder. I got it on Vitacost for around 10 dollars. You only need a teaspoon with your drink (2,135 mg of vit C per serving). I’m not sure if it’s the Vitamin C or the Magnesium, or both together that cuts out the immune reaction. But either way it works for me. I also often use EmergenC Immune + packets (which also contains Quercetin which may help as well) when I’m out and about for convenience. Or you can mix them together if you know you’re going to be eating a lot of offending foods. Tastes pretty good together. Or I premix the Vitamin C powder with 10-12 teaspoons in a large bottle of Orange Juice so I don’t always have to measure out a teaspoon of the stuff.

        Now all that being said. I agree with Scatdog that even though you may be suppressing the immune reaction when you eat and not “feeling” any immediate reaction with the BVC powder, the question is, does it continue to cause the damage to the intestinal lining or stimulate your immune system to cause more antibodies to attack your thryroid and cause the Hashimotos? I don’t know. So it might not be the cure but if definitely helps you eat what you want and enjoy life a little more. So if you’re currently doing some other protocol or diet, I don’t want to screw you up with the BVC powder. Maybe do a small test with a known offender for you, to see what happens for you.

        I’ve read about the parasite cleanse in the past and thought that it was a bit paranoid (internet scam) and crazy etc…. but having all the strange symptoms I’ve had for so long and not getting any good answers from any of my doctors, I’m willing to try it out. In fact, as i wrote this response, I found and purchased Humaworm ($40) just because of all the good testimonials. Once it arrives, I’ll give it a try for a few weeks and if I survive, I’ll report back with my findings. I think I’ll start with this, mix it with a juice fast and see what happens. =) I’ll be away on vacation for the next few weeks in Italy so I probably won’t start this until I get back on July 8th. Stay tuned.


      • scatdog says:

        Ben, according to that link you posted it’s the magnesium that neutralizes the reaction to offending food. He said magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) would work great but the taste is like ammonia. I tried it (cause I had lots of epsom salt) and yes, it is absolutely vile…thus his suggestion to use yummy tasting Vitamin C powder. I was going to try it with a pepperoni pizza just to see but chickened out – the possibility of all the phlegm, bloating and heart palpitations was too much of a deterrent! I’ll try it next time I have a moment of weakness.

        When you do juice fasts, do you juice your own vegetables/fruits or buy stuff? I’m curious because I tried juicing this morning and it used up half my vegetables! Looking forward to hearing about your humaworm experiences, I’m due for another cleanse…

      • Ben says:

        Just a quick update. I’m back from Italy and it was amazing. I started the Humaworm and it’s been a week so far. No bad reactions or side effects to report except if you take it before bed it’s hard to sleep and makes me feel hot and gives me weird nightmares. Otherwise it’s pretty simple to take 2 pills at least half an hour before you eat on an empty stomach. I don’t know if it’s working as I haven’t “seen” anything that looks like a worm when I go the bathroom. They say most parasites are too small to really see. I will say it definitely makes you more regular. I’m doing the paleo diet and I’m eating more “anti-parasitic” foods at the same time to try my best to kill anything that might be in there. I haven’t yet noticed any big changes in my usual symptoms yet but I’ll see it through until the 30 days and see what else happens. I’ll try to give you a weekly update for the next few weeks.

        Oh and to answer your question about juicing, most of the time I do make my own juices when I fast but it does take a lot of time and a lot of vegetables to get a glass. I’ll also buy some juices locally that are fresh squeezed and unpasturized or as a last resort I’ll go to whole foods and buy the juices pre-made. When i’m not fasting, I also have a vitamix that I’ll sometimes just make a vegetable / fruit smoothie rather than just juicing. You get more from your fruits and vegetables that way.

      • scatdog says:

        Thanks for the update – hope you had a great time in Italy. Yes, definitely keep me updated with all the gross details of your experiences with Humaworm. I ordered 2 boxes of Paragone by Renew life. It was very expensive but it got good reviews with vivid descriptions of all kinds of disgusting things being expelled during it’s use. I was sold. I’m taking a long motorcycle ride to my research site up north followed by limited food options and questionable water quality once I’m up there so I’m going to start the month long cleanse once I return in the third week of August. I’m also going to stop at a holistic center outside of Chicago that tests blood and urine to tailor a vitamin/mineral/amino acid regime to your particular physiology (Mensah Medical). I haven’t done the juicing but started taking plant sterols (Moducare) which supposedly does wonders to soothe the immune system – see reviews on Amazon, iHerb, etc. Will sum up results in a new mega post…soon…

  10. Elaine Stammers says:

    I just read your article on the blog and found it very interesting as I have similar issues which I am researching and trying to follow. I googled ‘thyroid’ and ‘food sensitivity’ and found your blog. I am in the UK and most of the tests that you have done cannot be accessed with our (free) NHS system, so for me it’s been trial and error.

    In fact I have only recently connected the food issues with the thyroid at all, and I have not had it confirmed that my hypothyroidism is caused by an autoimmune condition, but as I have a history of other autoimmune problems it seems extremely likely.

    I have been hypothyroid for around 18 yrs now, and my TSH levels were normal on the synthetic med that they give you here until a year ago when it began to move a bit back in the other direction. However the stomach problems have been going on for around 10 years, and diagnosed with ME/CFS about 5 years ago. I am having my blood checked monthly at the moment due to the medication which I mention below.

    Like you I have been researching on the diet and over the last few years have drastically changed my foods, though maybe not yet quite as much as you. I cut out all gluten, most dairy and any processed foods, sugar, – not quite all grains though it’s going in that direction. I constantly fall off the wagon and bitterly regret it each time as the stomach pain is horrendous (diagnosed with gastritis 10 yrs ago). Luckily I seem able to tolerate good quality plain chocolate when my symptoms are under control!

    The one medication that I am now trialling to see if it helps the ME/CFS and the thyroid, is Low Dose Naltrexone which some people are using to help autoimmune conditions. I was not able to tolerate it in oral form, but I am now using it transdermally as a cream, but as I am in the early stages it’s too soon to see how much it will help me, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I have to obtain this privately but it’s not expensive as it’s out of patent.

    I do also take some vitamins and supplements and had a comprehensive stool test for parasites (amongst other things) that came up negative.

    • scatdog says:

      Hi Elaine, thanks for commenting and I’m sorry you are having so many health issues. First thing you should know is the stool test for parasites is COMPLETELY unreliable. I had 2 done before I had my intestines scraped by a parasitologist and both came out NEGATIVE. I had Giardia and human whip worm. I forced my husband to get tested because he did field work with me for two summers in the Arctic. He decided to get a stool test first because it was covered by our insurance. It came out negative. A month later, I convinced him we should spend the $500 and have it done properly by the parasitologist and low and behold he had human whip worm. Stool tests don’t work. I suggest you buy an over the counter combination anti-parasite medicine (wormwood, black walnut, etc.) and just try to kill whatever might be there. After having a compromised immune system and permeable gut for so long, you are probably hosting an entire ecosystem in there. As for Naltrexone – I know nothing of this stuff. It won’t solve any of your problems just make you more comfortable as you get worse. I don’t mean to sound cold but like Ben (commented before you) I’ve tried so many things to get better and many have worked albeit slowly. If you are on medication to dull the auto-immune reaction – how do you know if you are getting better?

  11. rowena says:

    I also have hashi’s hypothyroid and have experienced multiple food chemical intolerances (salicylates, amines, MSG), environmental chemicals/ perfumes plus intolerance to cows milk protein and ? gluten for several years. I do believe there is a link between my food intolerances and my thyroid dysfunction. I think that managing my diet does help with my thyroid symptoms, and may hopefully slow any progression or related illnesses. I have finally found a great doctor who is giving me answers to questions that I have had for many years, including after going through the gamut of a renowned Australian allergy clinic focused on food intolerances and their effects on body systems – they failed to pick up that I was hypothyroid and gave me a bandaid solution to my symptoms by placing me on elimination diet. I might add that my thyroid function worsened dramatically whilst on the diet, which contradicts the idea that removing any allergens can reverse the assault on thyroid.

    I just wanted to make the comment that we are dealing with a lot of unknowns, and both the medical community and the naturopathic community are both trying to find answers, and both can provide us with help. But I think it is unwise to completely disregard the advice given by traditional medicine – even if you read up on it and decide to use a different treatment, don’t forgo the medical consultation entirely! I work in cancer care and have so may stories of people trying to replace natural remedies for traditional medicine and paying a very heavy cost. I do believe natural medicine, including using dietary modifications and vitamin boosts as ‘medicine’, have a great benefit as an adjunct to traditional medical investigations and treatments. I’m sorry that you had bad experiences with doctors (I have had some really shitty and waste of money experiences too!), but I think it is silly to discount new medical treatments for auto-immune conditions eg low dose naltrexone on the basis that they are a ‘medical’ suggestion. As you said – ‘you know nothing of this stuff’, so how can you discount it?

    I would encourage anyone reading this to look for answers both in traditional and alternative medicine, not just one or the other. This might mean going through several doctors to find one who gives the answers and support you need, and also making sure you get balanced advice from a naturopath who has specialist knowledge in auto-immune conditions.

    • scatdog says:

      Rowena, thank you for your comment and I really appreciate your view on this. I think you may have missed a basic point that I have been trying to make though. It is not the distinction between ‘traditional’ and ‘naturopathic’ solutions, but instead treating symptoms versus dealing directly with the underlying cause of illness. I don’t consider eliminating foods from the diet as a “bandaid” solution or a homeopathic treatment, it is eliminating a potential cause of illness. In your case, it sounds like something else (parasite, disease, imbalance) is causing you more problems than the food allergies were. In my case, there is way more going on as well.

      I have absolutely no problems using any type of medicine (homeopathic or traditional) to alleviate symptoms. I got a prescription for Adderall so I could focus and work. ADD is not the cause of all my problems, but I do have a dopamine deficiency now for whatever reason. I prefer to use an L-tyrosine based amino acid treatment to deal with it so I don’t have all the side effects but I would use anything so I can get through the day. I consider this a temporary solution until my adrenal system heals itself or I find the underlying cause for why I feel so crappy and have so little energy.

      Elaine seems to have a cascade of auto-immune problems that I don’t believe are caused by a faulty immune system with no underlying cause. Many times medicines for auto-immune diseases are pushed on patients as the only way to manage symptoms (e.g., Synthroid), discouraging them from looking for a cure. I think this is misleading and I tried to express that (perhaps not in the clearest way!) in my response to Elaine’s comment. If Naltrexone helps her feel better until she figures out what’s wrong then, take it! But I would just hate to think that she would give up on looking for a cause for all her problems if the medicine makes her feel better. That’s all.

  12. Peggy says:

    Been dealing with this for awhile now. Just been trying to cure, fix, allieviate the symptoms for about two weeks. symptoms include bloating, tinea versicolor, leaky gut, gas, headaches, fatigue, loss of balance, brain fog…. Got a good detox powder from (detox+ powder) and been juicing low glycemic veggies 4 times a day. Haven’t been able to stick with the juicing longer then 3 days and end up cheating and feeling bad again. I know if I can get a good 5 days under my belt, I’d feel better… Syptoms start subsiding but the cravings keep derailing my progress. I’ve also been taking two tablespoons of coconut oil a day bc its an antifungal. Apple cider vinegar and Epson salt baths help skin conditions and to draw out toxins. Thanks for this post, I’m tired of thinking I’m crazy and friends and family just thinking I need to take a pill!!! What tests should I ask for if I ever get in with my doctor??

    • scatdog says:

      Everything you described sounds to me like Candida hell – so sorry you are going through this. I follow the Paleo diet strictly and then after 3 or 4 days my energy plummets, I’m a foggy mess and the cravings from hell come. It could be part of the transition to using ketones for energy, carb depletion because I’m very physically active or yeast die-off. I’m so tired of going through it, I really feel for you. This is why I’ve been focusing on vitamins and minerals. From what I’ve been reading, severe deficiencies (especially in zinc) can create the conditions in your gut for yeast to thrive (vitamin deficiency–> inability to digest properly–> undigested food–> yeast thriving–> leaky gut—> immune deficiency, auto-immune reactions and ineffective vitamin/mineral absorption). Horrible cycle, it is. Severe stress can flood the body with copper which leads to zinc, B6 and other deficiencies – probably my situation ( So to answer your question, I would go down the route of testing for metabolic deficiencies from a company like Direct Health Care Access ( – you don’t need a doctor to order the tests. There is lots of information on William Walsh’s website (Walsh Research Institute) and suggestions as to where to go for treatment ( The guy is pretty well published and well-known in the homeopathic world and even returned my call (!) to recommend I go to Mensah Medical outside Chicago. I’m only able to go because it’s on route of a road trip I’m taking, but he may be able to recommend a place in your part of the country.

      Other doctors will only treat symptoms and try to make you feel better. From a conventional doctor, I’m not sure what tests would be of any use. Sounds to me like you are doing everything right, now you just need to get at the root cause of the Candida and other problems. If I make any headway with the Mensah Medical thing – I’ll be sure and post it.

  13. laurie says:

    Yes! I agree… i am the same age and having a ton of problems… please let me know how you feel now…

  14. Caryn says:

    Thank you. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 2 or 3 years ago, and when I complained of fatigue and joint point, they would retest my levels and tell me everything was fine. Not once in 29 years has anyone suggested an allergy test, I finally got one done last week and discovered allergies to: Corn, Wheat flour, lemon, chocolate, tomato, cucumber, celery, clams, beef, egg yolks, and apples. Less than a week trying to avoid those things (they put corn in everything!) and I’m already feeling better.

    Thank you for reminding me I’m not alone. Everyone should get food allergy tests done.

  15. e.marie says:

    Were you ever told to avoid goitrogens / cruciferous vegetables? (cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, kale, etc..) .. Or have you ever noticed a reaction after eating them?

    • scatdog says:

      No, no one ever told me to avoid any of them. I’m not a huge fan of cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts though I usually eat them once a week just for variety. Others such as kale, broccoli rabe, spinach and other leafy greens I absolutely CRAVE and eat very often. No bad reactions…usually feel great after eating them.

  16. Thank you for your article..I stumbled across it during a google search for a link between food allergies and hypothyroidism. I guess I’m not the only one out there who “doctors” themselves 🙂 After severe frustration with most of the medical community and telling doctors that something is just not right (I can feel it), the only thing that made me feel better and stop the inflammation that I felt was to go gluten and dairy free and be food allergy tested. It’s the real deal!! I only wish everyone would listen!

  17. Carrie says:

    I too Googled “hypothyroid” and “food allergies” and found your blog. Very interesting!

    I am a 33 year old female. I have always been quite healthy, though from time to time always gassy and loose bowels — I always thought it was a family trait. I have always been very active and love to exercise, and before getting pregnant with our third child, I was even ready to run a half marathon!

    But then things changed. That third pregnancy was killer for me, and then immediately after having my daughter I was beyond exhausted and my throat was swollen. I had a blood test and was diagnosed with Post Partum Thyroiditis. For the next several months, I had my blood tested numerous times. First it was hyperthyroid, then hypo. The up and down swings within just a few weeks were awful!! Then after a while it sort of leveled off, with little dips here and there. Time stretched on, with feeling yucky off and on. This has been my life for the past 18 months. The endocrinologist never prescribed medication as he thought it was correcting itself (in some cases Post Partum Thyroiditis does correct itself, they say between 6-18 months). Looking at my blood tests over the course of 18 months, one would definitely draw that conclusion.

    But I still feel completely awful some of the time. Every few weeks, I feel gross. Exhaustion, hair falling out, can’t exercise, eat too much or too little, foggy brain, slurred speech, headaches, heat and cold sensitivity — the works. Yet the doctor can’t do much for me because my thyroid numbers are currently more or less “normal.”

    So now I’m at a point where I “should” be feeling better but I’m not, we want another baby, and I am just not well physically. I am mad and frustrated. And my doctor said I WILL get a post partum thyroid condition if I decide to have another baby. Arg!

    So now my brain is getting warped. Within the past two months, I started developing extreme anxiety, and I’ve had a few panic attacks. So I went to my family doctor, who ordered another blood test in August 2012 — my thyroid antibodies are elevated but not really a cause for concern. So now I’m seeing a therapist to help manage the anxiety. It is helping.

    And yet the physical issues continue. In the back of my mind I have thought perhaps I have a food allergy, but I don’t have immediate reactions to specific foods that I can tell. My son is very gluten intolerant, and it’s painfully obvious — but I don’t have that reaction like he does. But then I saw a TV show where the lady explained the difference between immediate reactions and delayed reactions. Ding ding ding! Light blub moment! I had no idea there was a delayed reaction!

    So I thought back to two periods over the last year where I felt really awesome… my husband and I did a special diet with drops (HCG) that is basically an elimination diet (you can have chicken, certain fish and lean meats, and certain veggies and fruit — that’s it). I was able to lose weight! I thought I felt good because of the weight loss or even the HCG hormone itself, but now I’m realizing it might be because of the FOOD!

    Of course, after completing a cycle I’d go back to “normal” eating because it’s comforting, easy, and I crave it!

    Side note — what you said above (vitamin deficiency–> inability to digest properly–> undigested food–> yeast thriving–> leaky gut—> immune deficiency, auto-immune reactions and ineffective vitamin/mineral absorption) makes complete sense to me. In earlier pregnancies, I developed pre-eclampsia and also high blood pressure, so my doctor has me taking an aspirin to bring it down. I have since read that taking aspirin with your prenatal vitamin and keep your body from absorbing the vitamins! I had already “felt” like I had been sucked dry of all of my nutrients from that pregnancy. I have been to two homeopathic clinics since my post partum thyroid diagnosis and was taking up to 11 supplements, which only sort of helped — I am guessing I’m not absorbing those, either.

    So now what? After reading your blog post and all of these comments…. I think it’s time I go back to eliminating foods again, keeping a food/wellness journal, and figuring out just what is going on.

    If there is a correlation between food allergies and how awful I’m feeling and they whole thyroid issue, I will be completely amazed and relieved.

    If you got those, major gluten free cyber brownies to you!! 🙂

    • scatdog says:

      Wow, what a story. I can’t even imagine how a pregnancy would affect my situation! Please keep me updated on how you feel avoiding certain foods. Just remember it may be way more than just gluten and casein now because of possible leaky gut – eggs, other grains, soy, etc. Also, after people start cleaning up their diets, they start to notice sensitivity to the nightshades – tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes. I’ve pretty much given up on them except for occasionally eating tomato sauce and french fries as a rare treat. For some reason, I can tolerate corn really well so I’ve incorporated that back into my diet. Very confusing, but you’ll start to realize what you can and can not eat over time. Fortunately, I can still eat chocolate and have inhaled your cyber brownies!!!

  18. You don't have food allergies. says:

    There’s some bad information here.

    Do you carry and EpiPen on your person at all times as prescribed by a BOARD CERTIFIED ALLERGIST? If not, then you DO NOT have food allergies. Food allergies are an IgE mediated immune response and food allergies can result in life threatening anaphlyaxis. I know because I have to be chained to an EpiPen for the rest of my life for REAL FOOD ALLERGIES. The kind that people don’t take seriously because there are so many woo woos running around out there “i have food allergies!” NO YOU DON’T. If you don’t carry the pens, you don’t have food allergies so please stop making life difficult for the rest of us who suffer and have our lives threatened by this.

    • scatdog says:

      Bad information? Let’s take the biggies – milk and wheat. I had a blood test (done by a BOARD CERTIFIED ALLERGIST) and my IgE titers were 371 and 398, respectively. Those are classified as “high” by Metamatrix laboratories. They classify you into 7 categories based on your reference range and there are only 2 above me – where I suppose you would fall into. Do I need an epipen? No. But these are my symptoms upon eating gluten and casein: mild tachycardia (my heart beats out of my fucken chest) for about 4-5 hours, my throat gets tight and it gets difficult to swallow, my throat and nose flood with mucous, I get a piercing headache and I bloat up to about 7 months pregnant for 1 week….but no, I don’t need an epipen. I didn’t notice these symptoms before I stopped eating casein and gluten because I lived with them ALL THE TIME. Gee, I wonder why my thyroid started shutting down….but, no, I don’t have food allergies or need an epipen. Thanks for your comment. Moron.

      • Cindy says:

        Have you considered the possibility that you have a selenium deficiency? Do you know what your T3 and Free T3 are? I ask because my symptoms were exactly the same and they improved dramatically once I began supplementing with selenium.

      • scatdog says:

        I don’t go to endocrinologists anymore so I don’t know my levels but as part of my vitamin “prescription” from an orthomolecular doctor that I started about 15 months I take at least 200 mg/day. I forget the exact amount because I just get the compound automatically refilled every 3 months. You may be right – maybe it was the selenium! But I also take very high doses of B6, zinc and many others so not sure. I do feel better though, that’s for sure.

    • Levi says:

      Wow you are a moron. Not everyone needs an epipen for allergies.

  19. Donna J says:

    This is very interesting. I have hypothyroidism and have just discovered various food allergies. I am willing to try anything to feel better and cutting out these foods seems to be logical. I am starting to see the correlation of food and illness. Your story is very inspiring it gives me the strength to give up cow’s milk wihich I am having a hard time dealing with the fact I have to give it up.

    • scatdog says:

      Yes, I still dream about (real) pizza and (real) ice cream, but there are alternatives. “So Delicious” brand makes amazing ice cream made from coconut milk – I recommend the chocolate peanut butter. It’s gluten, casein and soy free. Also, “Daiya” brand makes a mozzarella cheese that is casein, gluten and soy free and melts nicely on food. It tastes good (only the mozzarella – I think the others are gross) but it does bloat me up a little. Could be the tapioca flour or something. Hang in there!

      • caren says:

        Hello… thank you so much for sharing your experiences.. I have hashimoto’s and the worst symptom is extreme exhaustion.. I pretty much stopped eating all gluten, dairy, grains, most fruits, ect.. I was on Nature thyroid for 6 months but then 2 months ago stopped as I believe I must get to the root of the problem.. I am really confused though.. I have been having chest pain and skipping beats.. it’s scary.. I don’t know what to do.. my doctors are very concerned and want me to go back on nature thyroid.. i did feel better but don’t want my thyroid to not try to work.. I have quite an immaculate diet.. my TSH is 45 and my antibodies 1000.. not good! any suggestions would help!!!.. many thanks..

      • scatdog says:

        I’m not sure the exhaustion ever completely goes away – I still have bouts of it for weeks. After stopping any hormone supplement I would think it takes a long a long time to get your thyroid working again and anything could set you back, especially stress. I have found that everything goes back to the gut for me. Even with an immaculate diet, I had symptoms because my gut just wouldn’t heal. The last thing I tried that really worked was drinking ridiculous amounts of homemade bone/muscle broth – turkey is my favorite. Just have some turkey wings/necks/legs chopped up and boil them in water for a couple of hours and drink the broth – lots of it. It’s the basis for the GAPS diet and I only realized it worked after accidentally making too much broth and not having enough containers to freeze it all. I was pounding up to 2 quarts a day and after 5 days something changed. I felt calmer and didn’t bloat up from eating a shitload of chocolate cookies (allergen free, of course). I now make pots of broth at least 2-3 times per month for maintenance. It’s the glycine (and maybe proline) in the gelatin that has been shown to protect the epithelial cells on the walls of the intestines. Glutamine is great too. Lots of references on google scholar:

        If you gut is still permeable, no matter how good your diet is your immune system is still going to react to food particles/organisms that escape into your blood stream. I would focus on healing your gut…

  20. Rachel says:

    Hello! My name is Rachel, I’m 24 and have hashimoto’s disease and am developing reynauld’s syndrome. I am encouraged by your blog because your story is so similar to my own! It’s good to know that you’re coping. For the last 3 years I’ve struggled with extreme constipation and severe bloating. After visiting many (incredibly stupid) doctors who dismissed my symptoms and the possibilty of food allergies, I finally found one taht would test me for more. A comprehensive stool analysis showed that I had antibodies against gluten, dairy, egg, and soy. (these were the only 4 I was tested for). It also showed that my levels of digestive enzymes were extremely low. A saliva test also showed that I had worms and parasites. My symptoms didn’t go away after avoiding these four allergens. I’ve begun to avoid almonds, chicken, corn, peppers, hot spices, white potatoes, eggplant (all nightshades). By avoiding foods, heavy vitamin supplementation, treating parasites, and taking really powerful digestive enzymes, I’m doing quite a bit better. But I still have problems nad I don’ tknow why. I’m not sure what the next step is. My doctor also wants me to eat much protein (and somehow still remain alkaline?!) AND eat barely any fruit, sugar, and grains. I feel hardly able to cook anything and I’m not coping well. And I want more answers on WHY I need digestive enzymes. That worries me. What on earth does the pancreas have to do with hashtimotos, food allergies, or parasites?
    On the positive side, after six months of avoiding gluten and diary, my thyroid antibodies dropped by HALF!! I too wish some doctors would do formal research on this! I am excited to get retested to see if by avoiding more foods the score will lower further. My dr has recommended the AlCat test, which tests for delayed food sensitivities. This confuses me though, because it’s not a food allergy test and allergens might not show up. Can you tell me exactly what type of testing was done for your food allergies?
    Thanks so much for your blog!

    • scatdog says:

      Wow, our situations are similar. Your doctor wants you to cut out fruit, sugar and grains because your gut is not totally healed (and won’t be for a while) so you can’t properly digest carbohydrates. The digestive enzymes are helping in that area. Because your gut is damaged two things are happening: (1) Food particles are probably seeping through your leaky gut and into your blood stream. Your immune system finds this foreign bodies in your blood stream that really belongs in your gut and launches an immune response (attack) against it, causing the “delayed” or IgG4 allergies. (2) You can’t fully break down carbohydrates because the villi on the walls of your intestines are flattened, so carbs just sit there. When they sit there, things (e.g., Candida albicans, parasites) feed on them and multiply. These unwelcome visitors excrete out stuff that is toxic to the body causing you to produce mucous which further flattens the villi and damages the gut wall causing holes to form – leaky gut syndrome…see #1. So that’s why you need the digestive enzymes (break down food entirely) and to stop eating carbs that feed nasty things. I would also take A LOT of probiotics. To test for all food allergies, I would get a blood test from metamatrix laboratories for IgGE (true allergies) and IgG4 (delayed allergies). Good luck!

  21. nikki says:

    I am very interested in your info and the comments I found here today. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and then food allergies at nearly the same time. And I mean food allergies -can eat no gluten, no sugar, certain fruits and much more. I had about 34 allergies at first test. I spent the next year avoiding those foods like the plague and had some improvement (no skin breakouts). I had an annual allergy retest only to find out that I had allergy changes—gained 5 foods back, lost 6 more. I became exceedingly allergic to all the vitamins and supplements (ingredients of) I had taken in the past year. I have also undergone treatment for candida (antifungals) with no improvement. I’m not sure what the key is going to be here. I’ve now had a super clean diet, taken supplements, probiotics, antifungals, etc. for going on 2 years with no overall improvement in the condition of the hyopthyroidism going away or anything really, truly changing. Sometimes I wonder about having my thryoid removed–would that make a difference? I just don’t know, but I’d love to see improvement. Being sick at 34 is NO fun!

    • scatdog says:

      I really hope it doesn’t come to that – that thyroid still seems like an important gland to me! Other things (that you may have tried) that I found helped: (1) cut out caffeine entirely – give your adrenals a break, which could give your thyroid a break; (2) get tested for pyroluria and low/high blood histamine; (3) avoid certain lectins for your blood type (D’adamo – Eat right 4 your type). I don’t follow this religiously but avoiding certain foods makes me feel better even though I’m not allergic to them and (4) start reading about “estrogen dominance” and see if it fits. There’s a connection between estrogen dominance and gut dysbiosis – which could affect everything as you know. I’m struggling with that now. Good luck.

    • Michelle Newbold says:

      Have you considered your toiletries? Gluten is too large a molecule to pass through the pores on your body but by some other mechanism (I read a paper about it, can’t remember the details) it is getting through and into the bloodstream. I react to gluten incl. oats, salicylates (most things with pits or seeds), non-reducible goitrogens and most chemicals and preservatives. Toiletries has been even harder than diet for me. Most “natural” products that are easier on the heavy chemicals are loaded with salicylates. I have been unable to find any commercial product to which I am not reacting. And I think the effect of putting these allergens onto your body is even worse than eating them. I was desperate to wash my hair with “regular” shampoo and cond a few days ago; I used very natural coconut based products, rinsed them off as fast as I could, but now I am suffering. Used Aveeno oat-based moisturizer on my face after going gluten-free and within minutes had those herpes-like lesions on my face. For years I attributed feeling drowsy after my morning shower to lack of sleep the night before, but now I have no drowsiness. The only thing that seems to “work” right now is rubbing baking soda on my scalp followed by vinegar rinse and baking soda or non-flouride toothpaste for brushing. Using Vaseline as a moisturizer. Only thing left to try is the Cleure line, but I’m not thinking it’s going to work.

      • scatdog says:

        Hmmm…about a year ago I changed over to Desert Essence (coconut based) shampoo, conditioner and face cream and I like it. BUT, I still have acne. I thought it was from occasionally having sugar and hormone imbalances but you may be right. My hair is really long and wavy/curly so it gets dry – I think baking soda would turn it into straw! I’ll at least try a different face cream, maybe pure coconut oil (that I cook with) and see how that goes. Thank you for your comment – very helpful.

  22. Marie says:

    Wow ur fab. If you want to discuss this with another that has been figuring it out and too is fed up with doctors that want to prescribe instead of heal Then email me.

  23. Diana says:

    HELP…A few years ago I found out I had allergies to many foods including oats, wheat and barley… Then last year I found out I had hypothyroidism so I went gluten free diet for a year. Felt better…now I am on medication for my thyroid (synthroid) haven’t eaten well and boy am I sick! I just read about the leaky gut. I have never heard of that before, but reading about the symptoms I believe that this is me!!! I have burning in my joints, burning in my ribcage and my back and I have mild headaches. I am also on estrogen and progesterone for post menopausal. I need to know what I should start doing to get back feeling better!!! I know I am going back on a gluten free diet, but what should I do about the leaky gut?? What vitamins??? Thank you for all of your insight….it sure has opened my eyes!

    • scatdog says:

      Hi, definitely go gluten free and STAY that way. One slip up has such lasting effects on my body, it’s ridiculous. Also, buy gluten-ease for when you eat out for traces of it in other food – regardless of what the food server says. I’ve heard that L-glutamine is extremely good for healing the gut lining. I took it for a long time, but have stopped. Probiotics are a must – I use Genestra HMF forte 2x per day with meals. Don’t overeat at each meal and use digestive enzymes with every meal – digest gold is expensive but works well. Any undigested food – even if you’re not allergic to it – will mess you up (feed bacteria and yeast and promote more leaky gut). As for vitamins and minerals, I went to Mensah Medical (outside Chicago) and got an orthomolecular work-up to find out what I needed. Because everyone is different, I can’t recommend any for you. Though, I recently found that under more stress, whatever you are taking has to be increased by at least 20%!

      • Diana says:

        Thank you for the information…I am working on a gluten free diet again and will probably start the Paleo Diet soon. I really need to continue researching where to buy gluten-ease, probiotics and digestive enzymes….I can’t wait to start feeling better again. I am going to a General Practice Doctor Monday…any suggestions with what to talk with her about, other than my symptoms??? I really appreciate your help!!
        Again, Thank you!

      • scatdog says:

        I buy gluten-ease and digest gold at and HMF forte at because it needs to be refrigerated and they seem to be aware of that so I’m hoping they store it properly. All the general practitioners I’ve gone to did blood tests, saw abnormalities and treated them directly. For example, my iron (Red blood cell count, etc.) was always low so they prescribed me iron pills or if my thyroid tests were abnormal they wanted to get me on synthroid – never did they even care about the underlying cause of anything. I used my doctor (and insurance) to get blood tests then I figured shit out myself. My alkaline phosphatase was low in every single blood test for years and my doctor always said it was nothing. Turns out it is directly related to zinc deficiency which I remedied only after going to an orthomolecular doctor. In my opinion, general practitioners in “western medicine” are useless. Healing from this (whatever we all seem to be suffering with) is so multifaceted, that most western doctors just aren’t equipped or trained to handle it. Sorry to be so negative, I hope yours turn out to be a good one with an open mind.

  24. theidearoom says:

    I just found your article while searching food allergies and hypothyroidism. I have both and was trying to learn more about the link. I have 7 major food allergies and I too and finding so many connections of food to poor health. I shared my story here if you are interested. I too am a runner and have been searching for the best diet possible for me while dealing with food allergies and am so happy you mentioned that book on the Paleo diet for runners. Thanks so much for sharing your story. It helps me feel like I am not alone in this terribly frustrating battle of uneducated doctors and medical treatment.

    • scatdog says:

      Amy, I read your story and yes, very similar. Just remember that the thyroid problems are a symptom of something else. I understand the medications make you feel better (I’m all for feeling better!) but I wouldn’t be content with staying on them for the rest of your life. Do a parasite cleanse (Renew Life -paragone is pretty good), work toward healing your gut and get yourself on some serious vitamins. Ask the allergist about getting orthomolecular blood tests to see if you have vitamin deficiencies other than just vitamin D. Yes, I take vitamins/minerals everyday and may be dependent on them, but my thyroid functions on it’s own now – no meds needed. Also, it’s been >2 years now and it never gets easier at social events with a lot of food. Also, I would give up sugar (alleviate candida) and caffeine (give your thyroid a break) all together. The withdrawal from both was intense though.

  25. Janie says:

    Thank you for all of your insight I stumbled upon your posts while researching and seeking help for what seems to be an ever increasing thyroid dilemma. I am still amazed at how many people seem to be effected by thryroid issues. I found your posting very helpful. I do have a few ques. as I am new to this whole process. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and am now being referred to an rheumatologist for sometype of arthritic condition. I have been on synthroid since my daughter was born now 9 years ago. I have always, since childhood battled with seasonal allergies and tummy woes, etc. I am saddended to say that my daughter now seems to be exhibiting similar symptoms, my heart breaks as I am sure you can imagine due to the fact that she is only 9. We just spent 3 hours in the allergists office preliminary evaluation shows severe allergies to nuts. She has had seasonal allergies on/off most of her life. Honestly I never made the connection. Her last blood work shows her TSH levels at 7.5 and we have been referred to a pediatric endocrynologist. What can/should I do? is there any immediate things I should or should not be doing for her and myself. We are a mixed bag eating family, while we do eat organics we love our chips, chicken nuggets, etc…is it Gluten, sugar, processed foods, all of the above??? I am still overwhelmed but know we must do something as I do not relish the idea of my daughter now being on medication she is only 9! and while the allergist was helpful they ordered more blood work, more Rx’s and well again she is only 9. I am trying to figure out if it is something we are doing, enviornmental, preventable, fixable, reversible. Well hopefully you get the point. She is also severally vitamin D deficient. Especially odd as her bloodwork a little over a year only showed her tsh slightly high at 5.9 but vitamin d was fine. Her eating has become more selective as well as longer school days. I’ve also done some research on daily multi vitamins for both her and I and came back with “Rainbow Light” are you familar with this one? I welcome your input and please keep up the good work we need more people like you 🙂

    • scatdog says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and feel horrible for you. Read my “Update…” post because there may be something in there I forget to mention and replies to other comments…but here goes. First, you want to rule out allergies using a comprehensive set of blood tests both IgE and IgG4 (metamatrix laboratories are good) – the first are true allergies and the second are derived allergies. What’s likely happened is you both have food allergies and as a result the villi in the lining of your small intestine got damaged. These villi are used to increase the surface area in your intestine to digest food, mostly carbohydrates. When they are damaged food goes undigested and feeds yeast and bacteria (and other parasites) in your intestines, leading to an overgrowth. They produce waste products (in now large amounts) that is toxic to your body. As a result your body produces mucous which further flattens the villi more and more food goes undigested. Also, overgrowth of these organisms eventually damages the intestines to the point where you develop ruptures in the lining so that food passes undigested into your blood stream. Your body then launches an autoimmune reaction to these foods even if you weren’t born with an allergy to them (derived allergy). So you start reacting to lots of stuff. This autoimmune reaction manifests in different ways in different people – for you, your daughter and I, it’s our thyroids. You (and now your daughter) are caught in this viscous cycle of damage to your intestines that will only heal with a systematic change to how you eat. First, you stop feeding the organisms by SEVERELY cutting down sugar and starch – I would cut out all sugar and do what you can with the starch. Personally, I’m down to one apple (sugar) a day and almost no starch per day. If you do it right and stick to it – you should feel horrible for a week or two. This is the die-off. As the body rushes to get rid of these toxic corpses, the liver gets overloaded and you feel like shit for a while until you can flush it all out. After that you’ll feel a little better. You must give up all the things you are allergic to, when I did I was bloated for 3 months. For example, if you are allergic to wheat (which you probably are), you can’t ever touch it. One chicken nugget (breading) will set you back for days if not a week – at least it did for me. Get on a good probiotic to replenish the good bacteria in your system, I use HMF forte 2x/day. As for vitamins, I went to an orthomolecular doctor (Mensah Medical) to figure out what I was deficient in and now I take a custom compounded vitamin twice a day. My vitamin D was low too when my thyroid was a mess – that’s just from the food allergies in my opinion. After I gave up all the things I was allergic too, I realized other things upset my stomach and get the yeast (and bloating) going again: tomatoes, pepper, etc. It takes time to figure out what you can eat. I am almost entirely paleo now: meat, vegetables, nuts, seed, occasionally a piece of fruit. I have no problems eating corn, but have limited my intake because it can get the yeast going if I have one bite too much. I limit all starch/sugar to before and after exercise. I also added L-Tyrosine because it gives me a boost of energy everyday – it’s a precursor to thyroid hormones so it may be good for you and your daughter as well. I don’t know if anything will help your thyroid as long as your on Synthroid though. I hope this helps – I wish you and your daughter the best of luck with this.

  26. Michele LaPorta says:

    I sit here reading this in tears after 6 years of suffering a fairly quick onset of food allergies (all raw fruits and vegetable and now nuts) and at the same time a diagnosis of gastroparesis. I have spent the past 6 or 7 years feeling bloated, full (and empty at the same time), exhausted and beyond frustrated. I went to a nutritionist early on as my weight started to go up significantly. Understand, I was always very thin. I went from 125 pounds after having a child to 174 pounds; not rapidly, but within a few years. Anyway I went to the nutritionist to try to figure out how to eat properly and she laughed hysterically at the fact that I was allergic to everything; never went back there… I went to an allergist after experiencing anaphylaxis after eating many different foods. After being pricked 1000 times I was told I wasn’t allergic to anything other than the normal outdoor stuff and molds… Made me feel like I was making it up, he actually suggested that I can cause my body to feel like I am going into anaphylaxis…. as if I have nothing better to do…. Anyway, I went to Mt. Sinai in NYC hoping to get answers… nothing. They did blood tests and and yet everything still came back negative. I began seeing an acupuncturist a few years ago. She specialized in food allergies, it seemed to help, she got me to the point where I could eat some lettuce again, but honestly she was an hour and a half away and every time I went it was a 25 hour ordeal after the appointment to ensure the treatment took…. besides the fact that I was paying out of pocket every time I went… It was just too much.
    I am reading about your success with the Paleo diet but my stomach can not tolerate a lot of foods because of the gastroparesis (meats, beans, greens, and any other normally hard to digest foods) These things just sit in my stomach for days… it’s terrible also I cannot eat fresh fruits or vegetables…..I am beyond frustrated and often get depressed because I know there has to be an answer, but I have no idea where to find it.
    Like you, I absolutely believe that these issues stem from the food, when I say this I mean the chemicals that are in our processed food. They are breaking down our systems and causing cancers, obesity, ADHD and Autism… among MANY other problems…. I have done a lot of research on genetically modified foods and it is beyond scary!!
    I digress…. I mentioned my nut allergy.. this happened only a year or so ago, and it is bad, but again it is only in their raw form. To add insult to injury I was just diagnosed with hypothyroidism and found out my cholesterol was almost 300 and has gone up over the past 2 years and my weight has gone down 25 pounds…. I quit!!! I am really looking for a direction.. I live in a tiny town in upstate NY, where I am shocked they were able to diagnose hypothyroidism… I am looking for a doctor that won’t look at me like I am crazy and will help me figure this all out… do you have any suggestions…….Please

    • scatdog says:

      Michele – sorry for the delay in getting back to you. What about the GAPS diet? ( I’ve incorporated aspects of it, which is based around eating lots of broth, to feel better when I’ve had a set back. Though I haven’t finished it, I found the book very helpful. Basically, just throw meaty bones in a pot (cracked open so the marrow gets out) and cook for a couple hours. You might be able to handle some vegetables if you cook the shit out of them. I’ve also purchased gelatin which mostly protein from collagen and dissolve a tablespoon of it into a mug of water like tea. It fills me up and makes me feel great and gives me a full portion of protein without eating meat. I just don’t have it too often because the smell is a little funky.

      I, too, had acupuncture for a while and it made me very calm – almost too much so – but it never solved the underlying problems for me so I stopped. It has shown to be effective for many ailments so I still think it’s a good thing but not for me.

      If you want to pursue the allergy thing more, I suggest Dr. Robert Pastore (36 west 44th street suite 1401, ny, ny), otherwise I would just do meat broth and cooked vegetables for a while (along with the probiotics and digestive enzymes suggested on the GAPS website) until you feel better. Also, you may have a parasite which you may want to address directly with Dr. Kevin Cahill (850 5th avenue, ny ny). If you stick to a very low carb diet (i.e., GAPS) you will starve whatever you are infected with (if you have something) and likely feel better just from the diet. If you head to NYC, drop a comment on the blog and we can meet up and talk. I really hope you feel better.

  27. tamara steck says:

    Hello! And omgoodness! I have searched halfheartedly for a reason I’m allergic to food…pretty much anything with food protein in it so am thrilled and terrified to find this! What have you settled on to eat? I take allergy shots 2x week so I can eat….and gave up trying to stay away from things I was allergic to a couple years ago. I don’t eat the same thing 2 days in a row and even with allergy shots sometimes I would rather just not eat at all. I am beginning to wonder if my Dr is quietly watching and testing me for this but now I am boldly asking for sure. We can’t seem to pull my vitamin D up and she wad discouraged about that so I am now on 10,000 a day and doing bloodwork again soon. Thanks. Tam

    • scatdog says:

      Hi Tam, do you eat lots of carbohydrates? If you are THAT allergic to stuff, your gut is likely like swiss cheese (leaky gut syndrome) so you need to only eat stuff that’s easy to digest. When your gut is destroyed from food allergies (or parasites) your ability to digest carbohydrates is severely impaired and will make your food allergies worse. You’re probably already taking probiotics and digestive enzymes but, as I suggested to Michele, what about broth (i.e., GAPS diet)? Also, if your problem is specifically with protein, do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Check this out – maybe it applies…

      What do I eat? I eat meat (fatty cuts with skin) with every meal – chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, red salmon, occasionally pork. I eat most vegetables but avoid nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant). I saute my vegetables in chicken, beef fat, ghee or sometimes vegetable oil but no more steaming. I eat fruit rarely, usually right before or after exercise (a small apple, banana or berries). I eat 99% chocolate (I consider it its own food group!). If I’m not full after a meal I have canned coconut milk (very rich), water and cocoa powder to make hot chocolate. I occasionally eat corn pasta or blue corn chips, but rarely. Sometimes, I’ll put honey in my herbal tea before a run, but no other sugar (other than fruit). That’s what I eat, plus lots of supplements! (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, L-Tyrosine, etc.)

  28. Dhomeatl says:

    Thanks for documenting & sharing your experience. I have very similar story complete with 25+ doctors throwing medications to address the symptoms & blood work, dismissing the unexpected symptoms & blood work, pointing at other Drs to address.
    My story includes 20+ years on ever increasing amounts of Synthroid (over 225mg & Cytomel at highest). The TEAM who eventually got me significantly better (still not back to work or life yet, but on the way) are healthcare professionals, NOT on any insurance plans. Nutritionist specializing in Chronic Fatigue & Endocryn issues, Endocrynologist with emphasis on Holistic view, and an environmental Doctor provided helpful testing, treatment plans that included food & supplements, actually LiSTENING & considering all symptoms & research I brought in, and willing to communicate with each other seem to be keys. Resources I continue to use: Facebook groups & websites from Stop The Thyroid Madness (STTM), Auto-immune disease, Hashimotos, Pituitary Tumor, GI Monitor, etc.
    Please continue to share your experience, strength, and hope. We help each other together!

    • scatdog says:

      Wow, I’ve been reblogged – I’m honored. Thank you…and thank you for sharing your experiences. I would never have gotten to a place where I felt somewhat in control of my health without wonderful people like you.

  29. Miruna says:

    hello, i also have hashimoto, i did the food allergies test and they came out negative. does this mean i should also stay away from gluten/dairy and stuff like that, or diet has no importance in my case? i wish i could lower my anthibodies because they keep increasing. thank you.

    • scatdog says:

      Well, I did a number of “food allergy tests” through my insurance company with Quest diagnostics and everything came out negative. I then payed out of pocket to an out of network provider who went through metamatrix laboratories and got positive results for true allergies (IgE) and delayed allergies (IgG4). I would avoid gluten and dairy no matter what, personally – it’s not worth the risk.

      • S Miller says:

        Have you tried drinking fermented raw milk? Those who are allergic to milk, vegetables, etc. may be able to eat them in the fermented form. I drink raw kefir every morning. I was tested for allergies by a high tech computer program using frequencies from your body to get the allergy results and it was determined that I had allergies to eggs, nightshades, certain nuts, garlic,
        etc. However, when I tested fermented salsa I made that had all the night shades plus the garlic in it, I tested just fine with it.

      • scatdog says:

        I’ve heard that fermented food works and I’m glad it helps you, but I’m actually in a good place right now. After 2 years, I’m finally starting to feel better – no bloating, no puffy eyes, no BRAIN FOG! I am not going to mess this up by trying something new. I take probiotics, glycine, glutamine, vitamins, minerals, sea salt, occasionally DL-phenylalanine and a raw carrot every morning. I slowly built up to this concoction and it works for me. Also, I don’t miss dairy products in any form (except I use ghee) so I’m not going back – I’m afraid to. Good luck.

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi. If you test positive for cow’s milk (casein) sensitivity, do you think goat’s milk is ok? just curious. any info on this?

      • scatdog says:

        Apparently, a lot of the proteins are different between goat’s and cow’s milk, but there are still traces of casein in there. Many with sensitivities don’t react to it though. I found this site helpful: Another reason I’m not trying it is because I found it harder to get off milk products than caffeine. The “addiction” to casein is supposedly extremely strong (similar to caffeine and I’ve read it’s on par with narcotics). Not going back there – been clean for 2 years….

  30. Smitha says:

    Hi, I am on Synthroid for almost 6 years and have been researching for cure for thyroid and have not found any solid lead. I have read about cutting out gluten how it helped in other areas but did nothing to the thryoid. I was hoping, if you could update us, on how your Hypothyroid is. From the post, it looks like its 2 yrs from the original post and would love to hear if its healing.

    • scatdog says:

      Hi Smitha – I did an updated post entitled, “Update! Food allergies, autoimmune disease, parasites and the orthomolecular approach”. The connection between gluten (and other grains) and the thyroid is more complicated – you will not find one thing to do (or not eat) to instantly repair your thyroid. Your autoimmune reaction, manifested in your thyroid and likely other glands in your endocrine system began in your gut, probably from leaky gut syndrome. To heal your gut takes a lot of work and is different for each person, but as I have summarized in my posts and the replies to others (please read them), I would suggest that you eliminate allergens from your diet, eliminate parasites, replenish the body with extra vitamins/minerals, eat a low carbohydrate diet with foods that don’t irritate your gut (i.e., lectins) and inhibit overgrowth of (bad) bacteria and yeast and take other supplements (if they help).

      I have not tested my thyroid because I don’t see the point right now. Like everyone else, I’m still perfecting my diet, supplements and managing stress. Until I have everything under control and no longer have symptoms like acne and bloating (only minimal now), will I get another blood test for my antibodies. I know when I don’t feel well – and my thyroid is likely unhappy – it’s after I accidentally ingest MSG or have too much sugar or I’m under a crazy amount of stress. I get cold, tired and usually a bout of Raynaud’s. Because this happens so rarely now, I can tell you with confidence that my thyroid has improved – will that suffice?

  31. Smitha says:

    I feel depressed for most of the time either, and that is with being on my Thryoid meds(Synthorid) .Also, another thing, how would I go about testing myself for allergies. I had asked my Primary Physician to prescribe the test for food allergies and he refused saying that my condition does not warrant food allergy testing. It would be great if I can get info on whom to go for allergy testing etc. Thanks.

    • scatdog says:

      Feelings like depression and anxiety are regulated by neurotransmitters (dopamine, epinephrine, serotonin, etc), 90% of which originate in your gut. If your gut is messed up, your emotions likely will be too. My advice for testing for allergies can be found within my last 5 or 6 replies to comments, please see below. Oh, and tell your primary physician to go fuck himself…then get a new one. Good luck!

      • Janie says:

        I can personally attest to the importance of “food allergy” testing & thyroid. If for no other reason then to strengthen your immune system and potentially allow your thyroid to heal itself. I wrote in about a month ago after searching endlessly for answers and found such hope in this blog, please keep up the good work!!! As I mentioned in my previous post I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s about 9 years ago and now my daughter age 9 was recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition. We are what I like to call a “mixed bag” eating family, while we do try to eat as much organic as possible, we love our pizza, McDonalds, chips, cookies, etc. occasionally. My daughter was classified with “seasonal” allergies from about the age of 2 with no known food allergies. Persistent runny nose, ear infection, upper respiratory on/off through out the year, now 5 years later I asked the question at which point do we consider re-evaluating her as she has been on the same steroid & otc allergy meds. for too long. We recently began low level food testing after the results of her physical labs showed her thyroid still out of whack, her Vitamin D bottomed out) and discovered she is allergic to NUTS (we are not aware of any nut allergies in the family) – her numbers were off of the charts! her TSH thyroid also went from a 5 to a 7 & have been referred to a pediatric endocrinologist. It is a vicious cycle. We will need to complete 2 more blood tests over the course of the next 6 months to determine which category she falls into. The allergy testing has become much more advance since we were tested years ago. There is a new level called RAST testing which is being used here now & I would recommend it. The Dr’s have also suggested we may start her on a Synthroid regime (ugh! I hate this, she is just a baby). In most cases there is also a genetic factor but the food we eat, the environment we live in, stress!!! all play a role. I also cannot stress enough that proper nutrition is key. Although the whole process is still new, here is part of what we have learned. There are basically three (3) levels of immune defense in the human body, (nasal, skin, tummy) if you are exhibiting any symptoms with any of these you may experiencing an allergic reaction, which can directly affect your thyroid function. We have also been advised to limit and remove were possible Gluten from her diet. While we are not aware of any gluten sensitivity my Dr. actually explained to me (I am blessed with a wonderful internist) that it is not always a case of an allergy but an overabundance. Gluten is in everything! and basically ends up suffocating our immune systems. Any of you who have children know they love their carbs and will most likely go for those before anything else. The main goal is to strengthen your immune system and allow it to heal were possible. You should follow an “anti-inflammatory diet (Dr. Andrew Weil)”. I am also looking into the Paleo diet and recently ordered the Nutri-Bullet system in an attempt to incorporate more mega fruits and vegt’s into our diet. Kids love smoothies and I can sneak in a lot of vegetables while controlling the sugar. I’ve also discovered that it is essential at bare minimum to remove as much gluten & white sugar from your diet ASAP!

  32. DLL says:

    I, too, googled “elevated thyroid antibodies and food allergies”. Long story short, I had thyroid antibodies that I believe should have ranged from 0 to 40 and mine were over 900. There were no answers for me, as none of the other thyroid testing was positive, just the thyroid antibodies. The only reason I had those checked was based on the advice of my chiropractor. I had itchy skin…that was the only symptom for me. Itching behind my ears, between my fingers, the tops of my feet. I went and got allergy tested for environmental allergies, but at the same time, blood was sent out to test for 96 different food allergies, of which about 30 came back positive and a couple very high positive. I have been getting allergy shots for the “environmental” positives (just a few, and not overly allergic, just average) and I’ve been eating all of those 30 items that I was allergic to. I couldn’t have done this without the allergy shots! I wasn’t a believer, but eventually, no more Zyrtec to control the itching and I can eat whatever I want. I’ve been on maintenance shots for awhile now. I’ll keep doing these until I hit the 5 year mark, which is what the allergist recommends. I haven’t had my thyroid antibodies rechecked, but I would bet near 100% that they are now in a normal range.

    • scatdog says:

      I’m really glad that the allergy shots are working for you. Your chiropractor really thinks this is a long-term solution? Maybe best to just not eat those foods…

  33. Karen Merchant says:

    Hello scatdog. I’ve just read through all your postings. You have renewed my faith in my new very excellent doctor (Elizabeth Boyle, Clifton NJ) and have given me a friend to chat with about Hashimoto’s disease. I was diagnosed a couple of months ago. I have battled fatigue, headaches, depression, bloating, constipation, for a long time. Dr. Boyle does thorough blood testing, tests for the IgG food sensitivities and says “everything starts with the gut and you have to heal the gut first.” She healed herself (has 5 auto-immune issues) and said NONE OF HER COLLEAGUES could help her (her arm was palsied to the side of her body and she couldn’t move it). These are Harvard Med School, Johns Hopkins docs etc. Says 70% of our immune system is in our bowel. I tested for positive anti-thyroid antibodies and have a long list of food sensitivities. She said the main two “offenders” are gluten and dairy (I have both and think probably all of us Hashimoto sufferers share these and more) and the rest come along for the ride, so to speak. Heal the gut first. She said “we do the FOUR R’s” meaning: Remove the food offenders, Replace the digestive enzymes (pepsin and betain tablets with every meal), Repopulate with the good bacteria (100 billion probiotics) and finally Repair the walls of the gut with L-Glutamine. I make a shake with protein, b-vitamins, and L-Glutamine every single day and start the day with the probiotic pill on an empty stomach. I use Xymogen Opti-Cleanse Plus (shake) and Xymogen probiotics (expensive but excellent). I also take extra B-3 (Niacin), extra D (a full dropper), kelp, DHEA (I was deficient) every day. Follow food elimination diet to best of my ability (hate it but there you are) and I also have to take “bio-identical” progesterone (125 mg) and dermal testosterone/estrogen cream every day. My hormones were so low it was ridiculous. Thyroid hormones very low too and she said we do the bowel healing thing first for 6 months and see how I feel. If we have to add Thryoid hormones, we add them. She also uses something called “Moducare” a plant-based medicine for gut healing if first protocols are ineffective. It’s complicated but very edifying to finally understand what the hell is wrong with me and why I felt like such shit for so very long. FYI I took my 11 yr old son to “standard” allergist today for food testing (he has already shown histamine reactions to seafood) because he told me he feels “tired and headachy” after eating eggs. Asked her to do reg food testing and IgG testing on him. She said “IgG testing is not science” and she wouldn’t do it!! Said it was not “proven” to have any meaning in illness. I was shocked but she said “this is what we are taught” in medical school. Thank God you found your doc in NYC and I found Dr. Boyle in Clifton. Finally, I’d love to make those coconut/amaranth cookies you talked about. Can you give me the recipe? Thanks. Karen

    • scatdog says:

      Hi Karen, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. The similarities between our situations (and supplements) are frightening. I tried Moducare for a while but because it mimics estrogen, I backed off and I’ve been giving it to my dog for a tremor that he had. Other dog owners swear by it and his shake has mostly disappeared – but I also don’t give him frontline or deworming medicine anymore. I take probiotics everyday but I’m a slacker with digestive enzymes – I’ll definitely take them more often, thanks. I’m surprised your food allergy tests came out positive because from researching Boyle I got the impression that she used Quest Diagnostics which repeatedly found no positive results for IgE for me. But as long as you found out – that’s great! To my supplements, I recently added glycine, home made turkey broth (gelatin heals the gut, specifically the glycine and proline) and DL-phenylalanine. Coconut amaranth cookies….I just poured some amaranth flour into a bowl, put enough coconut milk in it to make it stick together then sprinkled goji berries in it. I flattened it out on a greased baking sheet (really thin) and cooked it at about 300 until the edges got a little brown.
      Good luck with everything – hope both you and your son feel better.

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi again and thanks for writing. I’ll try to make the cookies. Never heard of goji berries! Wanted to tell you Dr. Boyle only tested for IgG antibodies not IgE. She said that the IgE are not the allergies she’s interested in because they induce a hystamine reaction which isn’t as significant (for our condition) as the antibody reaction in IgG foods. But then the “regular” allergist said IgG tests are not “scientific” and mean nothing. She completely disparaged the test as having any meaningful significance. She said “they basically show you everything you’re eating at the moment” which was certainly true for me. Makes you wonder…..What I want to know is once your gut is “healed” (and how exactly do you know?) can you go back to eating the foods you enjoy and not have to worry about relapsing? I mean if your gut doesn’t leak any more doesn’t it stand to reason that food stuffs and toxins won’t enter your blood stream thus causing auto-immune response? What is your understanding of this?

      • scatdog says:

        As I understand it, if you have an IgE reaction to a food such as gluten, there can be a cascade of localized immunological reactions that directly affect the mucosa in the small and/or large intestine. So, yes, your histamine reaction can lead to hives, tight throat, etc., but another reaction can be, for example with celiac, the release of mucous that persistently flatten the villi on walls of the small intestine that are normally the site of carbohydrate digestion. With the inability to digest these carbs, bacteria and yeast (and other critters) flourish and feed on what is undigested. These organisms shit out toxins that are poisonous to our bodies (in large amounts) and can lead to weakening of the intestinal wall (leaky gut) and we then release more mucous as an immune reaction to the toxins. As the wall becomes permeable, other food (that we are not allergic to) slips through into the bloodstream and we develop an immune reaction to these “foreign” objects (IgG4). So that is why if your gut is permeable, which it is for most people with true (IgE) food allergies, you have IgG responses to so many foods you’re currently eating (food sensitivities). To get at the root of the problem, you have to remove the true food allergens, stop eating carbohydrates for a while (Specific Carbohydrate Diet, etc), take steps to heal your gut (e.g., GAPS diet) and then the “food sensitivities” will subside. So, you should never eat food allergens again no matter what condition your gut is in. And, yes, eventually, you can introduce foods your ‘sensitive’ too, but not for a number of years — after you fully healed your gut. I’m sensitive to coffee, rice and eggs and do not react to them in small amounts but a double espresso will leave me bloated for 2 days and make it so I can’t eat eggs for a couple of weeks. I don’t touch allergens, but have set backs from other foods (e.g., IgG4, lectins, too many carbs) all the time. Also, stress can have the same reaction as eating a slice of pizza. In my opinion, you will never go back to eating the diet you had before but can enjoy safer treats (e.g., DAIYA pizza, coconut-based ice creams) in their absence. So, I disagree with both your doctors, all the information is important. Hit google scholar for a couple of hours…you’ll see.

      • scatdog says:

        And how do you know your gut is healed? You feel better – your energy increases, you react to food less, your moods stabilize slightly, you will be less bloated. Only you will know what ‘feeling better’ means to you…

      • Karen Merchant says:

        hi again and thanks for in-depth response. it explained things much more thoroughly to me. you should really consider becoming a consultant on this issue full time! i’m seriously considering printing out your response and bringing it to my son’s allergist just to get her reaction (she’ll break out in hives!). “This is not science” indeed. Do you think it’s important for me to be tested for “true” (histaime) allergens? Because all I had done were the sensitivities. I tested negative for celiac (thank the Lord). The whole business is wearing. I will check out “daiya” pizza whatever that is and coconut-based ice cream. Yesterday I met friends in the city for lunch (at mexican place on upper west side). as I was ordering I asked the waiter if the enchiladas moles were made with corn and not wheat (he said “yes” or maybe “si”). My cousin’s friend piped up “are you going gluten free?” and I said “yes” and I said “are you dairy free too?” and she said “YES” and we both laughed and did a knuckle-hit across the table. Then she says “do you want to pop a lactaid pill before we eat?” It was hilarious and my cousin just groaned. This is what the world has come to. I always carry the dig enzymes in my purse for every occasion. Like the new lipstick or something. At least we can still laugh about it.

      • scatdog says:

        I think you should definitely be tested for IgE allergies because those are the things you need to avoid for the rest of your life and, like I said before, with leaky gut you will be sensitive to lots of things. I had 2 allergy tests done by Quest Diagnostics and both came out “negative” to everything, Metamatrix (lab) found my allergies. I strongly suggest using a different doctor if Boyle only uses Quest. You can go to her for everything else. Also, if you are avoiding gluten and dairy – how do you eat Mexican? I haven’t touched it in years…but I may be allergic to more things than you (beans, etc.). Also, I apologize for pointing out the obvious but being allergic to casein has nothing to do with lactose. Through a test, I discovered I was NOT lactose intolerant at all, but definitely allergic and sensitive to casein. Gluten-ease pills (digest gluten and casein) help if something has traces of butter or has been cooked in oil with gluten but won’t do much if you eat a burrito… Good luck! Upper west side? I’m up there a lot if you want to talk…

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi S.D. yes, would love to get together for a “non-meal” one of these days. I come in on Sundays to sing at John St. Methodist Church (way downtown) but could come uptown if that’s where you are. I’m in on Sept 8th. You don’t need to apologize about the lactose vs. casein difference. I got that and actually told that woman I wasn’t allergic to lactose. Popped the pill anyway just to be polite (when in Rome….). I have follow up with Boyle in Sept and will confront her (nicely) about doing REAL allergen test and see what she says. I had an enchilada (made with corn, not flour) sans cheese, chicken inside, rice and beans. Don’t have legume sensitivity (just soya bean). Frankly, I don’t want to know about any other stuff I cannot eat at this point. Enough info for now. Last night I cooked a delicious filet of sole dipped in gluten-free flour and fried in olive oil with lemon, salt and pepper. Cooked some baby yellow potatoes and made a salad. Didn’t even feel deprived! I’m curious to see how the homeopathic remedies work on me too. Taking it slowly. Does your hair fall out? I’m constantly feeling hairs on my upper arms (creeps me out) and wiping them out of the tub. My homeopath said after being on the T3, T4 remedy for a while my hair will stop falling out. Uch…..may I know your “Christian name”? Would love to meet you one of these days. It feels to me like everyone now has Hashimoto’s and the other people that don’t just don’t know it yet!!! ha ha

      • scatdog says:

        Yep, the hair is falling out. It’s gotten very bad in the last few weeks because I’m racing to finish my dissertation and defend shortly – so it’s probably all stress for me. My diet has been really clean. It might also be complications from taking DL-Phenylalanine with caffeine but gets a bit complicated… I can’t stand seeing my hair fall out in the shower and all over my shirt – so frustrating and depressing. Sorry, I’m just scatdog here because I’ve published some chapters of my dissertation and they’ve made it into the media. Another one’s in press and will likely garner more attention so I’d like to keep my work separate from health issues (at least as far as google search results are concerned)…though I’m itching to post about my work!! I’ll send you a personal email…

    • misty987 says:

      Hello Karen and Scatdog,
      My story is so similar to both of yours, it’s freaky. I also have Hashimoto’s and was terribly sick before many food allergies were discovered. I’ve gone through 2 years now of food avoidance, probiotics, L-Glutamine (and dozens of other supplements- including ridiculously high daily doses of Vitamin C) and for the last few months things have finally really improved. Karen, there is hope! After 5 years of being hopelessly constipated, I’m perfectly regular. No more stomach pains and bloatedness that lasts for days. My thyroid is regulated and my antibodies have lowered more than half. I’m at the point where I’ve begun to add foods back in my diet.(whoohoo!!) I was reading your post about adding in food intolerances but not “true” allergies. I’m curious- I tested positive (2 years ago) for IgA reactions to gluten, dairy, egg, and soy. My ELISA test this year showed no reaction to those, but reaction to nightshade vegetables and other things. I’ve been adding back in egg and soy and been fine. Are IgA allergens true allergies? would you eat those again?

      Secondly, I’ve got another question… I have something weird going on and my doctor (who is terribly overworked) isn’t getting to the bottom of the problem. I’m wondering about the relation between thyroid disorders/food allergies and hormones. 4 months ago, I compained to my Dr about my complete lack of sex drive and muscle weakness. She found that I have sky-high cortisol levels (with no obvious cause), and only as much testosterone as a 95-yr old woman. After finding my lack of testosterone, she put me on 10 mg of DHEA and an adrenal supplement for 3 months and then checked the rest of my hormones to find that they were still ALL our of wack. It seems my body has is producing stress hormones not sex hormones. My cortisol is still high. It’s so strange and until I read these posts I hadn’t thought to consider this related to my other issues at all. I’ve been on birth control for 4 years and wondering if this could have caused problems. Now, I’m trying to get off it and get pregnant and scared to death that I may be infertile. Could thyroid disease have lead to another autoimmue disease? Scatdog, have you ever heard of something like this?

      • scatdog says:

        Hey Misty – I’m so glad you posted with your experiences. Nice to hear that there is hope! Unfortunately, I don’t really know what IgA tests for and don’t have time to look it up right now. But from the quick google search IgA tests for food sensitivities, similar to IgG and not like IgE. It exists in the mucosa of the small intestine and other similar secretions (nasal, vaginal mucosa, etc.) and likely is some indicator of what immune response has developed in response to certain foods sneaking into your blood stream through a leaky gut. So it makes sense that you should be able to eat some of those foods now. I personally don’t think it’s enough and if you are still having immune problems, I’d get an IgE test as well (just not through Quest Diagnostics). As for hormones – got me. I just know it’s all connected and I’m having the same problems. Given your sky high cortisol you may be oversensitive to external stress and should maybe get tested for Pyroluria – which I have as well.

        I don’t think thyroid disease leads to other diseases, I think autoimmune reactions can manifest in other organs other than the thyroid. For example, as I got worse my thyroid antibodies went up and I became positive for rheumatism and developed Raynaud’s condition. I changed my diet and started vitamins, probiotics, etc. and rheumatism and Raynaud’s disappeared even though my thyroid antibodies were still elevated slightly. When your thyroid is out of wack, all your other hormones will be too. Your pituitary gland and adrenals works closely with your thyroid, so the cortisol surge could be caused by screwy signals from anywhere. Sorry, I’m sure that doesn’t help. With respect to sex drive, there is a strong connection between sex drive and dopamine production. Most of the neurotransmitters, unfortunately, are produced in the gut so deficiencies in dopamine, serotonin, etc are a logical result of gut issues. My sex drive pretty much disappeared until I started supplementing with DL-Phenylalanine, a dopamine precursor. Small amounts of that, along with a dopamine agonist like caffeine or sugar, had me climbing the walls (and my husband). It totally helped me, everyone’s different but it might be worth a try…

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Misty! Wow, another sister in this weird game. YES to the hormone question….most definitely for me. My reason for seeking medical attention in the first place was for hormone treatment. Was perfectly miserable with hot flashes, no sleep, no energy and depression. Doc I’m working with now (who found the Hashimoto’s) discovered ridiculously LOW levels of progesterone (like .08), testosterone and estrogen. Everything started falling apart for me a few years after I had my son. Had partial hysterectomy and went into peri-menopause and then menopause and the shit hit the fan. Hormones have HUGE link to this disease in my opinion. Have another good friend who has Hashimoto’s (and her husband too!) and she thinks it’s really connected to the low hormone levels. SO…I’m not sure how it all goes together but it does!! I never took birth control pills but I’m guessing that is huge factor for you. They mess with your natural hormones. I’ve always had hormone imbalance (whole life) and it has affected my health in so many ways. I know take natural (“bio-identical”) progesterone (125 mg) and use a combo test-estrogen cream (transdermal) everyday. Helps so much. Still working on food allergens and taking tons of supplements. Doc said it will take a while before I’m really “clean” in gut (and healed). She did not test for IgE allergens just did the IgG because they are the ones that produce antibodies which attack the organs (like thyroid). Don’t worry about being infertile. If your hormone levels are too low ask your doctor about the bio-identical hormone replacement. Don’t take synthetic! They are dangerous and our bodies do not have receptors for them (which is why they can lead to cancer and heart disease). Hope you will improve. Hope we all will!!! best karen ps and one more thing: my doctor said STRESS is HUGE factor in all this stuff. When you are under stress (and you may not even realize it because we all handle so much now) your body has all kinds of reactions that mess things up. She originally put me on 100 mg of progesterone and then did a blood spot test and found that my levels were still way too low. She said my body was “shunting” the progesterone instead of absorbing it correctly. So she added another 25 mg to the pill. (uses a compounding apothecary like in the middle ages). You can take all kinds of stuff and your body doesn’t absorb it or use it properly (because of stress and other stuff). It’s so complicated! I’m just praying a lot these days and I keep doing research. best k

  34. elayne says:

    you sound like me. wish we could hang out. my same experiences. doctors most anyways are morons. food is definatley related.

  35. Rd says:

    You mentioned digestive enzymes to help break down food entirely. Will this help with stop the IGg4 delayed reaction allergies?

    • scatdog says:

      In part, you also have to change your diet and heal your gut. Enzymes will help break down food better so it doesn’t lay undigested in your gut for bacteria, yeast and other organisms to feed upon.

      • Penny Talhelm says:

        Great website! I haven’t been diagnosed with any thyroid problems…yet but have been thinking that I have a thyroid problem. I’ve thought this in the past and have been tested but that was when I was 28 and am now 31. When I turned 16 I started having IBS on and off. Some months I would barely notice and then other months it would be bad. IBS caused pain in my lower stomach. When I hit about 26 everything changed. The IBS was hardly there and hadn’t been for years. But at 28 my upper stomach started hurting. Thought I had an ulcer. Also my digestion was SO slow and food just felt like it sat in my stomach. This is when they tested my thyroid and tested for diabetes. Both were normal. I was diagnosed with gastritis and gastroparesis. The normal stomach empties in 90 minutes and mine in 150 minutes. So it takes my stomach almost double the time to finally move out causing discomfort and acid to lay and burn the lining hence the gastritis. Anyways, I also thought food allergies. I had allergy tests done but only came back with little things like black walnuts..? I really think this was the point where I was just beginning and things could have been reversed but Sadly it continued. I started juicing and got pregnant and things got a lot better. I felt great during pregnancy.

      • Penny Talhelm says:

        Sorry had to post in 2 sections. This is 2nd. I read that when pregnant many women who have dairy issues can digest dairy. Intersting. Anyways, after my son turned 1 my symptoms came back. My food sat in my stomach again, the upper stomach pain came back. It all returned. The worst I felt was after eating yogurt, cereal with milk, and cookies with milk. My stomach would bloat horribly. (Also, wanted to say that I too have always had issues with jeans they always felt confining and tight on my bloated stomach). I gave up gluten first because I read so much about how bad gluten was for everyone. That helped some, I lost some weight but still didn’t feel great. Now I incorporated gluten back and gave up dairy. My stomach never feels bloated anymore and I’m at the lowest weight in years, before my son was born even. The only problem is now I’m having other issues. These started before I gave up Dairy but still are affecting me now. After eating, many different foods, my throat feels tight and like there is something stuck in it. Occasionally it is sore also. It comes and goes. I also have had crazy ringing/buzzing in my left ear for about a year. Do you think this sounds like a thyroid problem? I’ve been doing Intermittent fasting, and when I do ALL my syptoms go away. So a food allergy makes sense.

      • Penny Talhelm says:

        Also, want to mention that my throat feels swollen right at my thyroid gland and when really bad you can see it is somewhat enlarged. I will probably be making an appointment to see the doctor in a couple days. I want to makes sure that there is no permanent damage to my thyroid. And I might have to cut out more foods.

      • scatdog says:

        Penny, thanks so much for your comments – especially, those regarding pregnancy. I know nothing about this stuff (I just have a dog) and I’m sure its helpful to many…if anyone reads the comments! As for the diet problems, I would suggest trying a different lab other than Quest diagnostics (if that’s what your using), like metamatrix or another recommended from a food allergist because it sounds like these doctors aren’t finding the culprits. My throat got tight from dairy and gluten and according to Quest I had no problems with them at all. If you can go a week on just meat and vegetables and slowly add in the grains to see which ones bother you (including gluten) – do that. Then once you’re good on grains add in dairy, soy, other legumes, etc. I know its difficult to do but it’s worth it. Also, realize that while your gut is healing (for me: 2+ years) you won’t be able to tolerate too many carbohydrates. So, personally, I would just clean up my diet completely (no grains, dairy, soy, etc.) and add stuff in a couple of years. Sounds crazy suggesting this to other people, but it’s doable and I don’t think you can heal any other way.

        I get that ringing too under times of stress and when I have caffeine or MSG. But that’s just me. I used to get it all the time and thought it was from destroying my hearing riding a motorcycle, going to rock concerts and playing drums, but surprisingly I hardly ever get it anymore now that my gut is mostly healed…

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  38. Megan says:

    Wow, just wow. I never realized that there was a connection between hypothyroidism and food intolerance. Me? Hypothyroid, hormones non-existent, vitamin D non-existent, severe adrenal fatigue, and of all of this, my joints are my biggest complaint, the arthritis is getting worse. When I do an inflammation profile, nothing shows up. I’m so frustrated! I did talk my doctor into doing an omega 6:3 ratio test, and that came out 25:1, which I know is not good. Toss in chronic tendonitis, and difficulty losing weight, (and most likely brain fog, although I’ve probably had it long enough that I don’t notice it any longer) and this describes many of the people I talk to (either in whole, or part). The doctors say I’m fine, for the most part, they order the tests and nothing shows up to point them in any direction. Yes, I’m on supplementation for the thyroid, hormones, Vitamin D, I’m losing the battle though, because as my joints become more painful, I do less lifting, and less moving, and then I get weaker. I know it isn’t just age. I KNOW IT ISN”T JUST AGE!!! I’m only 50, and this really hit the fan about 5 years ago. So I read, and try to figure this out myself… Then I think, maybe I’m making the whole thing up.

    So thank you for posting this. I don’t yet know what I’m going to do with it, if nothing else, perhaps my list of symptoms can help someone else make sense of the whole damn mess.

    • scatdog says:

      I’m sorry you feel so bad, personally, the brain fog was the worst for me. It’s not your age and fuck anyone who tells you it is. Just don’t give up and work on changing your diet….

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Megan,

        I feel for you. Your profile is very much like my own. The connection between Hasimoto’s (thyroid auto-immune disease) and food sensitivities is something I struggled with understanding too but it is real. At least my doctor (Dr. Elizabeth Boyle, Montclair NJ) makes this point very seriously. I went to see the doctor for HRT because I, like you, have ridiculously low hormone levels (progesterone only .08, low thryoid hormones, etc). Was ok until I hit menopause a few years ago (had my son late in life after 40, felt great during pregnancy and then developed severe pain in right abdomen a few years after he was born. had to have partial hysterectomony due to cyst and then period stopped after a year or so and all current symptoms began creeping in). She did full battery of blood tests. Her whole premise rests on healing the bowel first. Said 70% of your immune system is in your bowel and that’s where you must begin all healing protocols. Found that I had MANY food sensitivities (IgG levels in blood which are anti-bodies that are caused by foods; NOT IgE levels which are true food ALLERGIES and induce a hystamine reaction) and anti-thyroid antibodies (TPO level which is thryoid peroxidase). SO, my immune system is “disorganized” and is attacking my thyroid and causing chronic inflammation from many foods. VERY hard for me to hear all this let me tell you. I’d always been able to eat anything without any problems, ate a clean diet, no junk, etc. But Doc said many people react to gluten and dairy (two primary offenders) and have to start elimination there. You must be tested for food sensitivities (she uses Quest) as opposed to food allergies. This is important. I got a thyroid ultra sound to check for nodules too (mine is so far clear) which occur in Hashimoto’s. I take no thryoid medication. First step is healing the bowel. REMOVE the offending foods once identified, REPAIR bowel with L-Glutamine (I take powder supplement with this and many more amino acids every day), REPOPULATE bowel with good bacteria (probiotics every morning before eating) and REPLACE food enzymes to aid digestion. It’s a four step program. And like scatdog says it take a few YEARS to heal the bowel. I was told it will take 2-3 yrs for me. This is very hard to hear too. We want to feel better NOW and we’re fed up with feeling like shit. I also have a couple of injuries from yoga that just will not heal and now we come to the progesterone thing. All the symptoms I suffer from come from low progesterone levels (hair loss, joint pain, constipation, fatigue, depression) and this is huge part of picture for me. So I do bio-identical hormones with Dr. Boyle (plant-based). Now take 150mg prog every day and use sub-dermal test/est cream in morning. It’s a ridiculous regimen, all supplements cost a fortune and it’s a slow process. I, like you, have low Vit D so I take a full dropper every day in my shake. I take 500mg Niacin (B3) every day too plus DHEA. You really need full blood work up to be done properly so you see the whole picture. But if you are anywhere near Montclair NJ and want to consult with Boyle let me know. I can give you her number and information. She is on cutting edge of this auto-immune stuff and it’s her specialty. She healed herself (5 different auto-immune issues) and it took her 3 years. She is immensely brilliant. A true doctor. I wish you the best and if you care to write back and give your input, that would be great. We are all sisters in this and the numbers are growing all the time. There is a true epidemic of auto-immune illness in our modern world and the numbers are increasing. Lot of this problem is food industry and what we’re eating (like pest-resident strains of wheat and hormone fed animals); some of it is use of antibiotics and what they’ve done to our guts. It’s a complex issue.

      • Megan says:

        Wow. Thank you for the response. Believe me, I wish I lived in NJ, I’m in Hawaii actually. Now I have to ask a stupid question. I’ve looked on the web, and I’m not really getting an answer to this question. I don’t have Hashimoto’s, I’m just hypothyroid. Does this mean that I don’t have an autoimmune disease? I have arthritis all over the place. That’s definitely an autoimmune disease, so does this still apply to me? I’ll definitely look into the sensitivities testing, even if it comes out of my own pocket.

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Megan, Wow hawaii!! I wish you had a doctor there like I have here. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone. There are no stupid questions in my book. My question to you is: how was your hypothyroidism diagnosed? Were you told that you had antibodies in your thryoid gland? This is how my doctor found mine. The number in the blood work is the TPO (thyroid peroxidase or peroxide) and it has to be above normal for a Hashimoto’s diagnosis. I’m curious as to how you were diagnosed with low thyroid. My guess is that if you have arthritis (which is inflammation) that you have inflammation elsewhere (food sensitivities) and auto-immune stuff going on and that your hypothyroidism is auto-immune also. If you did not have your TPO checked and your thryoid hormone levels checked (T3, T4, TSH) you must have this blood work done to be sure. I mean everybody’s profile is individual and there are always some differences. Did you have thorough blood work-up? If not, get the thyroid numbers checked and get tested for food antibodies (IgG numbers). A good lab can take all this stuff with enough blood drawn from you. Having low thyroid function is VERY common in menopause as the hormone levels drop naturally. What I learned is that low progesterone (like mine) can affect the thyroid gland and influence it’s efficiency and functioning AND cause joint/muscle pain and a host of other lovely symptoms. Did you get progesterone levels taken? Check into all of this. I can also ask my doctor if she has a colleague doing her type of work with patients in Hawaii. It’s a long shot, but what the hell. You need someone who understands this whole picture who can really help you. I’m here for any questions you have and if I cannot answer them myself I can ask Dr. Boyle and get back to you. Hang in there! best karen

  39. Jeani says:

    Hello! I just read what you shared, and my story and experience with my doctor has been the exact same thing! I was just diagnosed with Hashimotos 3 days ago after having symptoms of basically feeling like I was going crazy and somewhat of an irregularity in my cycle.. My TSH levels are completely normal along with all my other hormones. I do have a low D level and low bone density… My antibodies are very high. Her response was “lets wait and see” no referral to an allergist, no referral for treatment. Nothing! I was basically told I have to live with it and just sit and watch my thyroid be destroyed, I am in the medical field and see this all the time. Now, Iam on the table.. It not a good feeling. Hashimotos is behind my mood swings, my just recent irregular periods, periodic throat fullness, small nodule I have developed( benign), anxiety, panic, muslce soreness, and then fatigue and lethargy followed by feeling Perfectly FINE. It’s Hell. My thyroid is getting a beat down while its just trying to do its job and I don’t know what I am doing to exacerbate it.
    I am thinking my first visit should be an allergist? I was allergic to alot when I was a it possible it’s all coming back and manifesting itself ? I am lost, it seems I am on my own because no doctor will help me because my TSH levels are normal. Why order the antibodies and stop there? It makes no sense to just sit and watch!? Especially when I am reading there may be a way to stop the progression and save my thyroid.

  40. Megan says:

    Thank you Karen! Thanks to all of you telling your stories.

    For me this all started before I hit menopause. Hypothyroidism “runs in my family”. I started having issues years ago and it took me about 5 – 6 years before I finally found a doctor that listened to me. T4, T3, Free T3, I’m on armour thyroid and levothyroxine, and my levels just won’t stabilize. By that time I was deep in adrenal fatigue, my morning cortisol numbers were 4.5, my estrogen, progesterone, testosterone numbers were too low to register via blood test. I had no libido (in fact a negative one) and my partner was understanding enough to help me find a doctor that would help. That’s about when the arthritis also started kicking in. Hip, fingers, back,thumbs, and now one of my knees is beginning to bother me. I have a farm and I need to be able to work. My ability to lift has been cut by at least half between my hip, back, and painful hands. I’ve also had asthma since college, which presents as a lingering cough most of the time.
    Allergies, nothing obvious.

    When I eat carbs, I gain about 5 lbs right away, although no hives, rash, anything like that. I *think* eating carbs makes my arthritis worse, and if I don’t eat wheat, I don’t seem to need my inhaler at all. If I eat carbs, I crave carbs, then I eat carbs until I’m stuffed, and once I’m not stuffed but just overfull, I want to eat them again. Its pretty irritating. Losing weight is difficult, keeping it off, impossible.

    So, like the rest of you, I do my research. I can come up with a long list of symptoms that could be caused by multiple things. My doctor has been giving me drugs for the thyroid issue, and my tanked hormones, and trying to correct the adrenal fatigue. The adrenal fatigue however, from what I understand is a “down river” effect of leptin resistance, which is “down river” of leaky gut. It has taken me over a year to be willing to admit that might be the primary issue, and this is just in the past day or so.

    Thank you scatdog for posting this! I do wonder how much sharper I’d be if I didn’t have the brain fog happening… that’s something that really scares me, I don’t have a lot of patience to learn new things, and I have, HAVE (we all do) to keep forging those new pathways. I draw a strange correlation. I hate watching movies that I haven’t seen before, and have difficulty reading new books. I like the comfort of knowing what happens next. Hearing about brain fog makes me think it is a symptom of something else.

    • Karen Merchant says:

      Hi Megan,
      Thank YOU for sharing your story with us too. I think the shear act of writing it helps even if only a little. And to know there are so many of us suffering with very similar ailments. And YET, we forge ahead as you say. I’m a true FORGER and I know just from the way she writes that scatdog is too. We should make some kind of “club” of all of us and have an annual conference/meeting once a year in a beautiful place (my choice would be Puerto Rico, but then you already live in a heavenly place, Hawaii) and sit around a pool snacking on gluten-free, dairy-free tidbits and sipping mushroom tea! ha ha…..I dropped by Dr. Boyle’s office yesterday to pick up some supplement (it’s called “The Final Solution” and it’s a prebiotic/probiotic combo) and told her about you. The nurse there said she does phone consults and if you’re interested in doing this, I can give you the number. She can guide you towards supplements, blood work, the whole thing. If you suspect leaky gut is at the root cause of your illness, you are probably spot-on. She would surely confirm this with some questions. And if you’re taking thyroid meds and it’s not helping you, you probably don’t have “receptors” for the meds which is what Boyle would say. That is why she told me to toss out the synthetic hormones I was taking (prescribed by my surgeon) and why she said they can cause cancer and cardiac problems. Doing it naturally (bio-identical) is slower for sure but much, much safer and better for you. But everything starts in the bowel. Everything. And remember, that’s where 70% of your immune system is. I suspect my mother had a thryoid condition too which was never diagnosed. She has an auto-immune illness too. We do inherit these things from our moms. God love ’em. Brain fog is definitely a result of hormone imbalance (low progesterone primarily). I’m lucky I’m not at that stage and I think I have arrested my problem at an early place (TTL….thank the Lord!!). There IS help for you, have faith and keep researching/searching. If you want my doc’s number let me know. She’s amazing. karen

    • scatdog says:

      Megan, to chime in here…. I agree with everything Karen’s said (Karen, you rule!) except one thing. Although identifying “sensitivities” is important, identifying anything you are allergic (IgE) to is very important. You will have an immediate reaction on your gut lining to consuming an allergen. For gluten, it flattens the villi on your small intestine, making it difficult to digest carbohydrates. As carbohydrates lay undigested they attract an overabundance of bacteria and yeast (and others) that feed on it and what they excrete becomes toxic to your body. As a reaction to the toxins, your body secretes mucous on the gut lining that further flattens the villi and makes the situation worse. The body produces an autoimmune reaction to the toxic shit (from the microorganisms) which can manifest in different ways – but leads to leaky gut, weakening of the gut lining (turns it into swiss cheese). Through these “holes” in your gut lining, food particles of things you are not really allergic too sneak into your blood stream and cause another autoimmune reaction – thus, food sensitivites (IgG). So, you need to be tested for both, but you will never heal your gut if you don’t identify things that your are truly allergic too. Also, chances are the brain fog is a direct reaction to the microorganism excretions – look up all the literature (or sites) on candida overgrowth, for example. With a leaky gut, you are WAY MORE susceptible to parasites, which can wreak havoc on your focus and concentration. If you stop eating carbohydrates to begin the healing the parasites you’ve been feeding become unhappy and die off (i.e., Herxheimer reaction). During this die-off (which is VERY unpleasant) you crave carbohydrates to make the die-off stop! I clearly had yeast overgrowth, but also whipworm, Giardia and Entamoeba hystolytica over my 2 years (and for many years prior, I’m sure) before I healed. I just got a checkup – they found nothing!! You will have an autoimmune reaction to anything that is invading your body, a parasite, food that has escaped into your bloodstream through your leaky gut and that autoimmune reaction can manifest in your thyroid, joints (arthritis), rheumatism, lupus, Sjogren’s disease, you name it. Where it manifests in your body is likely hereditary – which is why people are content to justify their condition by the fact that it “runs” in the family. Also, I don’t care what anyone says, Quest diagnostics is useless for food allergy blood tests.

      Hope this helps..

    • Janie says:

      I agree, symptoms seemed to worsen prior and during menopause, but honestly when I think about it have been with me most of my life. This blog has been an amazing & inspirational guide for many of us, just struggling to cope someday and not getting relief from Doctors other then another pill, ugh! I prefer not to take a lot of prescriptions as I think in the long run it only weakens us more. That being said… Keep up the good work & Thank you! Food allergies/sensitivities are “key” as they only continue to weaken your system. There has been a lot of speculation about the harmful effects of gluten and I believe it. The AMA is gearing toward a huge “anti-gluten” movement, trust me it’s coming, even the Doctors are sick of it (no pun intended). Here are just a few items I have noted since my original diagnosis 10 years ago. Hypo/Hashimoto – after the birth of my daughter. I am now 47 years old and have suffered most of my life with a myriad of symptoms. On special diets since I was old enough to remember. I cannot stress this enough – DIET is key and you are what you eat. It wasn’t until I became a mother, a very busy mother that I finally decided enough is enough, there has to be a better way, I want and need to feel better for my children. I started to research, ask questions and “REALLY” look at how the human body works (or is suppose to) and what I was putting into my body and how I was treating it. There is an old saying which I think helped me a lot “the answer lies within…” I began a journey if you will of self discovery and ultimately and hopefully “healing”. The human body is an amazing thing and it has to ability to heal itself if given the proper tools and although I am only in the very early stages, the prognosis is great! I am feeling 100% better then I was a year ago, most of my symptoms have completely disappeared and my thyroid numbers continue to improve. My hope is that with a little patience, understanding and guidance we can all feel better and live the lives we were meant to unencumbered by unnecessary physical ailments and thanks to Scatdog and this blog, I think we may get there! Be well 🙂

      • Penny Talhelm says:

        Scatdog, thanks for your comments to me. I did have the allergy tests done by Quest Diagnostics. I already shifted to eating mostly veggies, fruits, and meats but I really need to do it 100%. To give up 1 item is now easy to me because then you have a lot of replacement options but when you give up multiple items at once it is so tough. I just made a dairy free cake the other day. Replacing the milk with almond milk was easy but what to do for the icing..? I ended up doing shortening and pb with the sugar. I am now thinking that soy is definitely not a good alternative…Ugh.

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Penny,
        I hear you! The eating thing is a daily challenge. And you’re right about soy….not a good alternative as far as I know because it can mess with your hormone balance. I was told to avoid it by my doctor and now I do. Used to use soy butter and now use an olive oil spread that’s pretty good. Thank God there are so many good alternatives out there now. More and more people are dealing with this stuff. Blessings to you and onwards to health for all of us!! karen

  41. Megan says:

    My allergy test came up negative for everything, except for shrimp which showed up as a minor blip on the radar. I’ve never had an issue with it although my mother was highly allergic to it.

  42. Karen Merchant says:

    Did you get tested for IgG sensitivities as well as true allergies? I have only a few true food allergies but many sensitivities (where my body is making anti-bodies against just about everything I eat except veggies and fruit, except melon and strawberry). Those anti-bodies are what my doctor is looking for and what are causing problems with my thyroid gland. Also, once you identify these things and remove them for a while, things should settle down and then once your gut is healed you may reintroduce them slowly (so I was told). But SD is right about staying away from the things you are truly allergic too forever. with me I would just get headaches and fatigue after eating – no hives or anything like that, no stomach discomfort, nothing. Just a general feeling of malaise. Hope this is helpful. karen

  43. Megan says:

    No, no testing for sensitivities yet. I’m waiting for the rest of my original blood tests to go back and see my doctor and order more tests! Right now I’m fighting back a UTI, had to do a second course of antibiotics (this time a shot) to knock it out. Feeling crappy on top of feeling crappy is just no fun.

    I’m reading “It Starts with Food” and it makes a lot of sense. If I can get through that, and do the sensitivity testing at the same time, I think I’ll be in much better shape. Going through the withdrawal symptoms of everything at once isn’t something I’m looking forward to. I stopped wheat a few days ago, I stopped dairy yesterday, and only had half of my usual amount of coffee. Artificial sweeteners will be the tough one for me (all the more reason to do it.)

    • Karen Merchant says:

      Hi again, wow I must have had a million UTI’s!! SO painful. And there’s just nothing that knocks them out except antibiotics. And then you get into the yeast thing and around and around it goes! Now when I absolutely have to get antibiotics I always take probiotics at the same time. I take 100 billion count probiotics right now (who counts them, I wonder?) plus a pre-biotic, pro-biotic and post-biotic pill every day. This is what modern life is like: you go to the store to buy very expensive bacteria in little bottles so you don’t feel sick!! Dontcha love it? But a lot of this problem is that we’ve “over-cleaned” our environment, drink spring or filtered water and don’t have the microbes, parasites, worms etc. that we’ve evolved along with. I read a fascinating book called “An Epidemic of Absence” that addresses this topic. Very edifying. In those more “primitive” cultures where people routinely have hookworm and other parasites, there is almost no asthma and allergy and auto-immune disease, the opposite of where we live. Our immune systems have become “redundant” and the rise in auto-immune disease is astounding in the past decades. Urban life also is key for understanding the ubiquitous presence of auto-immune illness. Children raised on farms who are constantly around animals and hay have much much lower incidence of allergy/asthma than we do. Anyway, I digress. We’re all in the same boat and rooting for you!

      • Megan says:

        Sorry for the late reply. The thing that really knocked back my UTIs was having a meatotomy performed on my urethra. I know it sounds major, and it helped immensely. I went from having them multiple times a year to one every couple of years maybe. Apparently some of us have little pockets in the end of our urethra that holds urine, and that is what causes the UTIs to happen. Or, the opening at the end just may not be big enough to allow you to empty completely.

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Megan, Well, that’s useful information! I never heard of that procedure nor did any doctor every recommend it to me! I was told (years ago when I was very young and enduring yet another UTI) by one doctor that I did have some kind of “structural” problem that might be causing the repeated UTI’s. He, however, made no mention of this procedure you had. Was it an overnight stay in the hospital? Worse, less worse? I’d like to know. One of the main things I learned to prevent was to empty bladder before and after sex (very romantic, but there you are) and I also was given a small amount of antibiotic to take before or after sex too which in retrospect and in dealing with my current problems probably wasn’t a great thing to do. But it gave me some kind of comfort thinking I’d maybe prevented another infection by doing that. Anyway, thanks for your info. Hope you’re doing ok. Karen

      • Megan says:

        Here in Hawaii that’s called “shishi after sex!” It was not an overnight procedure although they did have to put me in twilight to do the procedure. I think its something that a urologist does, so I would ask for a referral. Its crazy to have to take antibiotics before sex! It is a simple procedure, and greatly affected my quality of life.

  44. Levi says:

    As others have mentioned I would recommend doing NAET to broaden your food choices, so you are actually eliminating the allergies rather than having to avoid them.

    I think the causes of thyroid problems are numerous. Some people say there are thousands,, but I’ve heard reasonable counts of 30 known causes. I think allergies are likely a contributing factor as most conditions are caused by inflammation and obviously allergies can cause inflammation. I think it’s more about genetic expression + inflammation. Hashimotos is certainly linked with Gluten but I think it’s just one of many triggers. I’ve heard of people curing their thyroid issues with a paleo diet, as well as a raw diet, etc., but results vary from my research. It’s probably further complicated by food allergies/sensitivities, as many have mentioned. I’m not sure I would choose Adderall over taking thyroid hormone. Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying. With low thyroid you would certainly have concentration issues. Adderall is lot more dangerous, but just my opinion. I’d also tried taking l-tyrosine but it’s seem to make me feel like a spaz and sends my RLS into a ruckus. I’ve avoiding thyroid hormone thus far and I am still investigating various options.

    I’d also recommend selenium which is awesome for Hashimotos. It has been shown in studies to lower the autoimmune reaction by 40%, which is huge obviously. I have low thyroid (but no Hashimotos), but I eat 1-2 brazil nuts every day anyway since selenium is good for other purposes and tests for Hashimotos are not always reliable, so who knows if I have it or not.

    • scatdog says:

      Only tried the Adderall for a week, then gave it up. Too intense for me. I actually stopped DL-phenylalanine and Tyrosine all together because I think my dopamine levels are doing ok. Once I stopped, my hair stopped falling out completely. I recently read a paper linking too much dopamine to hair loss and desperately need to post on it but don’t have time right now (I’ve got 3 weeks to finish dissertation). The neurotransmitters (tyrosine and DLPA) serve as dopamine precursors and alone do little. Once you add some agonists (caffeine, sugar, etc) dopamine production surges and calmed me down tremendously, made me horny as hell and made shitloads of my hair fall out. I’ve been checking everyday for little spikey ones to grow back, I hope they do. For me the biggest “trigger” for my thyroid is stress – emotional, physical (too much exercise) and physiological (accidentally eating an allergen). I’m sure how symptoms manifest is genetically controlled and inflammation plays a part, but the only way I have found to control this is focus on the external variables that I CAN control. For me, that’s food and stress.

  45. Toni says:

    Hi curious to know who the doctor in Manhattan is. I’ve gone to 3 different ones and although my latest has me feeling better than the rest, I’m still not perfect. I totally agree about the food connection and have been working on healing my gut, but have slipped up and have to get back on track with it. Would love to know if you’ve had any luck with a Manhattan doctor.

    • scatdog says: I trust the man totally. He has been so helpful, I can’t say enough good things about him. Little expensive though…

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Toni. I also can highly recommend a doctor in Montclair, NJ which is very close to NYC. She has been treating me and I’m feeling so much better now (since last March). As scatdog totally trusts Dr. Pastore (sounds like a remarkable physician) I, too, totally trust Dr. Elizabeth Boyle. If you’d like more info, let me know. karen

  46. Shelley says:

    Scatdog: Are you taking synthroid? Or have you? I noticed you said you do not go to traditional dr’s. I am so frustrated that my doctor will not listen to me. He writes the rx and when i mention i have researched the internet he replies then find another doctor. The problem is that my insurance only covers him within a 100 mile radius. I would love to figure this out and get off of synthroid as my hair has literately mostly fallen out. I do have hypothroid.

    • scatdog says:

      You know, back when I was 21 (20 years ago) I had 2 nodules on my thyroid gland about the size of large marbles, my doctor didn’t biopsy anything but wrote me a prescription for synthroid and told me to take it everyday for the rest of my life…thus, the beginning of my mistrust of doctors. I threw it away. My endocrinologist from 3 years ago wrote me a prescription and I actually took if for a week and had severe hypothyroid symptoms from taking it!! Just like your hair falls out on it, maybe some of us have intensified symptoms on it. It’s a long road to address the underlying symptoms of thyroid problems, but if you’re willing and think your problems may be related to food, I would just tell your doctor to go fuck himself and try to get off the stuff. My doctor had a similar attitude as yours and we did not part on good terms. I went through 2+ years of diet changes, various supplements, traveling across the country to see various doctors (orthomolecular in chicago), I did not feel healthy through it…but it paid off. Getting off dairy, gluten and soy left me bloated and nearly dysfunctional at times for 3 months straight. Give it a try – the guy sounds like a jerk.

      • Karen Merchant says:

        Hi Shelly, I am sister hypothyroid person too. my (also) excellent doctor (an ex-ob-gyn who now specializes in treating people like me) hasn’t put me on ANY “meds”….we are modifying the diet (like scatdog says….a long road but beneficial), removing the “offenders” (like gluten, dairy, soy…anything your body is sensitive to), adding L-glutamine and digestive enzymes and doing lots of probiotcs every day in morning before food. Added B3 (niacin), DHEA, Vit D and now I’m going to add selenium too because I know it’s very supportive of thyroid (see scatdog’s earlier posting on this). My doc said if this protocol doesn’t work (and you have to do it for at least 6 months to feel any different…and I do, by the way) we will try “modu-care” and if that doesn’t work (this is plant-based med) we will add “bio-identical” thyroid hormones. So I don’t know anything about the Rx you are on, but I think it’s not good for you. I also do homeopathic thyroid stuff. Lots of stuff to take but all safe and ultimately good for you. Hashimoto’s disease is auto-immune disease so you must address underlying cause(s) or you will never really recover (in my humble opinion). Best of luck to you!! karen

  47. drowqueen says:

    I’m still researching this and 2 years has gone since my diagnosis with Hashi’s. I was/am/have thought I was crazy too, and like you, can find almost no doctor here in VA to listen to my theories. Thank you so much for this post. I mean it. I left my endo because I thought she was crazy and the last straw I was thinking about was in fact a nutritionist.

  48. DesertMama says:

    I wanted to thank you tremendously for posting this information. I am going down a similar road post pregnancy with my infant (still breastfed and some solids). My belly, mind and face have been effected my entire life, he had severe colic, eczema, GI issues, respiratory, neurological, and mood/sleep disorders. We only had skin prick and blood tests done with negative results (sans eggs, but unreliable skin prick test). We elimated most obvious culprits (dairy, wheat, soy) then felt better moving to paleo… symptoms flared up anytime we ate rice, oats, eggs, chocolate, coffee, etc. Sounds like we need the IG4 panel and elimination of even more unknown allergens. Thank you for your help!

  49. Colleen says:

    I definitely believe you are on the right track…however…I do believe you might be missing a key link. Blown adrenals. They are a big factor in autoimmune…which affects your thyroid. Which affects food allergies (yes you need to eliminate). Which affects your gut/digestion. Which affects your hormonal balance. It is like a circle…your adrenals affect these things…and these things affect your adrenals. It is absolutely necessary to get your body stresses in check. Best wishes.

  50. garefi says:

    I have just found your blog. I am in the same position as you and the other commenters. I found out I had Hashimoto’s a year ago. Since then I have tried various doses of Armour and even Synthroid. I went to a doctor who followed Datis Kazzarian’s methods of reversing it: gluten free, support adrenals, etc., etc. i have done these things with no improvement. In fact I felt much worse gluten free and dairy free than I did before. I didn’t lose any weight. (Gained 20 in 2 months) I have done Candida remedies as well.
    What I have not tried is to heal the leaky gut and the parasites issue. My question is of all the supplements you take, do you feel that some of them are overlapping? I was going to order all the things you are taking, but when I read the description, it seems like some of them do the same thing.

    l Glutamine -heals the gut… isn’t that what Digest Gold and Genestra Probiotics do? And I was reading about the buffered Vitamin c powder.

    I guess I am trying to figure out what I need without anything cancelling each other out or competing with each other.
    I am so bloated- seriously look 6 months pregnant at times. legs and feet are swollen. I am miserable with how I feel, but mostly with how i look. None of my clothes fit and when I do manage to lose a few pounds, I am in constant fear of what I eat that will make them come back.

    It truly is not a pleasant way to live.

    thanks for all your info. it is very interesting and I would love to hear how you are doing now and what else you have figured out!

    • scatdog says:

      Hey Gina, the supplements all affect the gut (and heal it) directly and indirectly in a number of different ways. If I recall, digestive enzymes (Digest Gold) break down food into smaller particles that your gut might have a chance in hell of absorbing as opposed to sitting in your gut serving as food for Candida and other organisms, leading to overgrowth. Probiotics help maintain a healthy balance of those good organisms to break down the food you just made accessible. L-glutamine works directly on healing the gut lining. As for feeling like crap after giving up gluten and dairy – that is strong evidence that you have an allergy to these foods in my opinion. I felt good for about a week after giving them up, then went through a 3 month withdrawal period that was one of the worst experiences of my life – nonstop bloating, loss of energy, etc. It was like my thyroid just shut down, but after the withdrawal, I felt sooooo much better. I won’t ever go back.

      My thyroid will probably never be 100% but I don’t need drugs and manage with just probiotics, vitamins, minerals and stress control. The last person commented on this and she was spot on. EVERYTHING falls to pieces if you are under stress – doesn’t matter what supplements you take. I would return to the elimination diet and stick with it, no matter how horrible you feel. Everyone’s different but it sounds like it’s worth revisiting in your case.

  51. I’m desperate for a diagnosis. Pcp tested TSH and said I was normal. Then I asked for frees and they said those were normal. My mom has had hypo for 30 plus years. I’m 35 and fairly healthy minus the constipation I’ve had for over 10 years. I even had to have my intestine shortened because of it. No longer have a period either due to an ablation since I was having irregular periods. Now I’m wondering if all these problems have been because of hashi’s. Wednesday I am having my antibodies tested and will hopefully have an answer whether it is hashimotos. Also having a skin test for allergies, cat scan on sinus cavity and hearing test for tinnitus. So in summary, constipation and heavy periods have been an issue for at least 10 years. New symptoms within the last 4 months are the tinnitus, dizziness, imbalance when walking, migraines, head pressure when bending or turning too fast, head feeling like it’s going to explode during some migraines, weight gain of 25lbs which put me at 158, no desire to socialize or leave my house, migraines when in a store too long due to lights, major memory loss and brain fog, lots of new grey hair, hair thinning, major bloating and that’s probably not all but Id have to look at my notes and I’m calling it a night. I hope my ENT can help me put an end to all this. I am not regular, maybe only once a week and that’s with a laxative. I see a gastro on May 4. I am certain my gut has major issues. Another thing is I’m a single mom to two wonderful kids and I feel all alone since I don’t have a husband or boyfriend. I have no one to talk to about all this. I’m too young to feel this bad and this give me no hope in finding a partner in life since I can’t seem to feel better. God bless and thank you for listening. I hope you can relate and maybe give me some pointers on what to ask my doctor or what tests to request.

    • scatdog says:

      I really wish I could help you but those are a lot of symptoms. Some of those problems definitely stem from your gut or you would be digesting and passing food more easily. I can say I had a lot of phlegm in my throat whenever I ate something that I was allergic to. The brain fog, hair thinning, screwed up blood sugar (e.g., light-headedness) all sounds familiar. Maybe just cut things out of your diet before finding out what the problem is. If you feel differently at all maybe you know it’s food related. Go basic – meat (with lots of fat), vegetables and not much else. I was drinking turkey broth for periods for intense gut healing. It worked for me, not sure it will work for you. Wish I could be more help.

  52. And I forgot to mention the constant feeling of phlegm in my throat!

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